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The Rich Dad Company (“Rich Dad”) was formed when Robert Kiyosaki wrote The New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1997. Since its inception, Rich Dad has continued to evolve in its constant pursuit to provide the best materials, tools, coaching, and training for potential investors, entrepreneurs, and those simply looking to improve their financial well-being.

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The Rich Dad Advisors

Rich Dad Advisors

The Rich Dad Advisors are Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s closest personal advisors. They specialize in commercial real estate investing, taxes and accounting, business, legal, stocks, sales, and social entrepreneurship.

While they specialize in various investment and business modalities, they all believe, endorse, and are role models for the Rich Dad core tenets of: Education, personal empowerment, cash flow, and making your money work for you.

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Welcome to Rich Dad. Welcome to a new way of thinking.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Rich Dad. At our core, Rich Dad is about a new way of thinking about money. We're about unleashing the human spirit and elevating the financial well being of humanity. We're about seeing you thrive while others simply survive.
We believe that Knowledge is the New Money and that many of our world's financial problems are a result of financial ignorance. That's why we've made financial education our #1 priority. We believe a financially intelligent people will be a prosperous people—and a free people.

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