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Rich Dad Scam #3: Work Hard image

Rich Dad Scam #3: Work Hard

People often talk about a scam as a con. Con is short for confidence. A con man can only dupe you if you put your confidence in him. When I talk about Rich Dad Scams, the scams designed by the rich to keep you poor, one of the hardest things to get past is that so many of us have been taught to believe with conviction and confidence that these scams are true. And the conning started so young that we never had a chance to think differently.

That’s the difference between thinking like my poor dad, who did what he was told and died poor, and thinking like my rich dad, who was financially educated and grew rich based on his knowledge of how money worked.

This post is about one of the biggest, most-ingrained Rich Dad Scams: If you work hard, you will be rewarded.

Don’t work hard

My poor dad worked hard all his life. He went to school because he was told to. He got a job because he was taught that was what you have to do. He worked hard because that was what he was supposed to do. Yet, he struggled financially his whole life, and often he was not happy.

When it came to working hard, my rich dad like a story from Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom runs a con job on the kids in his neighborhood. His job is to paint a fence, and he makes it look like so much fun that all the other kids offer to pay him to do the work.

Rich dad said, “Rather than work hard, I work smart. Smart work is getting others to not only do but also want to do hard work for you. And smart work is also getting money to work for you, not the other way around.”

Why hard work doesn’t work

It seems like a simple math equation: effort=reward. You work hard, you earn more, you get more for your effort, and it seems like it should work. Once upon a time, it may have worked that way.

But now, there are two problems. One, as I wrote about in Rich Dad Scam #2, “Get a Job”, if you’re an employee, working harder may get you more money but it also means you’ll be taxed more. So working harder can actually result in you being punished financially. That’s why we created the Rich Dad Scams series, so that you can see them for the lies they are.

The second problem is that you’re working hard for something in particular: Money. And that money is worth less and less every day.

During the 21st century, average income after inflation has fallen. And continues to fall. If you’ve been working hard at your job for ten years, the money you’re making now is actually worth less than it was when you earned it. Practically speaking, that probably means you’re either making the same amount now as a few years ago, or maybe even making less! Rather than work hard for money, you should be working smart by having money work hard for you. That is what the rich do.

Working differently

Every week most people just hold on until Friday because they hate their job. And when Sunday rolls around, they’re miserable because they know they have five days of work to look forward to.

It’s a lousy way to live, but it’s not the only way. We’ve just been trained to think it’s the only way.

I love my work, but I’m also never far from it. Like most entrepreneurs, I’m at it almost 24/7, but it doesn’t make me miserable—and it certainly doesn’t feel like work. It’s more like a game that I love to play. It’s challenging. It’s fun. It’s rewarding. If that sounds attractive to you, the first step to get there is recognizing “work hard” for the Rich Dad Scam that it is. Stop working hard for others and start working smart for yourself.

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2/24/2013 3:33:19 PM
Its a story but power, knowledge of knowing how money work and making money work hard are two different things and in actual sense they are twin phrases.Lengthy education systems really don't empower students with knowledge of speaking financially languages, instead it empowers students with liabilities knowledge.So the few rich do not want to keep the majority poor because the source of money for riches comes from the majority poor
Team Honeywell
3/13/2013 6:28:03 AM
Thanks Robert. This con took me over 30 years to see through! Working smart is definitely fun but you have to stickability to keep going as it's not an easy journey.
2/27/2013 1:47:04 AM
Hello Mr Kiyosaki. I am a financial coach in BALAKA school in Iran.this school is on the basis of Richdad financial educations.I teach my students by cashflow 101,202,for Kids . I have maney books and videos of you.I realy thank you for Richdad creation specially your financial IQ rules . I would be very pleased if you show me a way to be a part of your company to help people.send my regards to Mrs. Sharon Letcher. mir saeid arabnejad ( ILO KAB & SYB Coach)
2/27/2013 2:50:53 AM
This is an Excellent Blog Post and one that is so True... In my household, there are two of us, My Partner is an Employee and cconstantly moans about her job, while I work for myself and pretty much 'work' in the same way as RK has described, I never moan about my 'work' I am sometimes told I work too hard, but then I chose to 4 years ago, because I wanted to design my own life, having realised, if I didn't, The same things would continue to happen! I changed, they changed! I start my day every day with a visit to This site to continue my Education.
2/28/2013 4:08:03 PM
Hi Robert, I'm member but How I can dowlond it
3/1/2013 3:26:27 AM
My doubt is that, "how your employee take your advise of not working hard" Sometimes it confuse a lot to take the right decisions.
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