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Meditation Leads to Inspiration

Searching for new opportunities? Start by looking within.

Ommmm. Have you noticed how many people are adding meditation to their lives lately? From Clint Eastwood and Sir Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey, so many successful people swear by meditation’s many benefits. And it’s not just musicians, talk show hosts and movie stars who are jumping on the bandwagon—Inc. names 11 wildly successful entrepreneurs who swear by daily meditation, including LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner and founder of Huffington Post Arianna Huffington.

Benefits of Meditation

Studies have shown meditation’s ability to reduce stress, improve concentration and productivity, decrease depression, increase self-awareness, decrease pain, and even benefit cardiovascular and immune health. Plus, establishing a regular meditation practice can help build awareness and mindfulness. Living in this state of mind helps you take a step back from your inner critic—your judgmental, negative or emotional thoughts (about money, making a career change, going after your dreams, etc.) that can prevent you from moving forward—and move into a more expansive mindset that allows for creativity, innovation and intuition. Sounds pretty great, right?

I firmly believe that when you have a clear mind, you are open to more opportunities. You are instantly transported to a more creative zone, where repressed inspiration is more likely to come to the surface. You’re feeling free, so you’re more likely to explore new possibilities that you might otherwise dismiss as silly or far-fetched. When you’re open, the world is your oyster. You can let go of fear, say goodbye to the status quo and confidently reach for the stars.

My Meditation Practice

Over the years, Robert and I have become huge advocates of meditation. There are many forms of meditation you can explore to find the one that’s right for you—such as Transcendental, Kundalini, Qi Gong, and guided visualization—but, unsurprisingly, the form we gravitated toward is a bit different from the norm. We were introduced to something called Holosync by a colleague several years ago, and now use it to meditate every morning.

Holosync is a sophisticated form of neuro-audio technology that allows the listener to easily enter various desirable states, and create many desirable mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, through entrainment of electrical patterns in the brain. Essentially, this creates a synchronization, or balance, between brain hemispheres, enhancing mental/emotional health and mental functioning. The initial draw for us was that it can help a listener quickly enter and benefit from states of deep meditation (which was previously only available to those who spent many hours a day practicing meditation over many years).

Robert and I use this method of meditation to dig deep into our subconscious, because that’s where our reality and beliefs reside. The benefits of this daily practice have helped improve our business partnership because it’s helped us communicate better as a couple.

The Sky’s the Limit

So, back to my “clear mind = open to opportunities” belief: I’ve learned throughout my life that enduring a major upset (like the time Robert and I were broke and homeless) leads to the greatest personal growth (it fueled our fire to make a change). The truth is, you simply don’t learn as much when things are easy and calm. We learn much more from failure than from success, which is why I preach that it’s OK to fail.

Our natural tendency is to resist this process because it can be painful, embarrassing or even depressing—I know first-hand how draining each of those emotions feels. But through meditation, I have been able to take that energy and become calmer and more peaceful. Once you achieve a state of peace, you’re automatically open to new possibilities. Whether you want to make a small change in your life or achieve your financial dreams, I’d encourage you to give meditation a try and see what happens.

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