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Right vs. Right Now

No matter what your goals are or how unattainable they may seem, all you have to do is start

Ladies, have you ever dated a man who you knew probably wasn’t The One, but for the time being fit the bill? Someone who serves a current purpose (fun or companionship), but you know in your heart there’s just no future with (too much baggage or geographic distance). Well, that’s called being with Mr. Right Now while you patiently wait for Mr. Right to show up.

Interestingly, the same rules can apply when it comes to making any change in your life—in reality, all the stars don’t have to align and things don’t have to be perfect in order to move forward with something. There’s a lot to be said for shifting your focus from “right” toward building your “right now.”

Women and Money Today

Women rank “financial issues” as the No. 1 most pressing concern in their lives—over family, health or time. Yet women notoriously hold themselves back from getting actively involved in building their own financially secure future because they:

  1. have little knowledge about money and investing
  2. find the subject of finances too complicated, confusing, or overwhelming
  3. say they have no time to devote to their financial life because of children, job or other obligations.

As such, women are twice as likely to live their retirement years in poverty (in the United States, 87% of the elderly living in poverty are women). But the real kicker? The majority of these women now in poverty were not poor when their husbands were alive. And which gender lives longer? Women! That means that many women will be widowed in their golden years and suddenly forced to support themselves for 15-20 more years—and often with no prior experience having done so. Talk about setting yourself up for failure.

While women listed the above excuses in a survey, I firmly believe that what’s really holding them back from acquiring and then applying that knowledge is a financial education. True education is meant to draw out the information so that students learn through their own discovery process—and where does most learning take place? By doing. Sure, it’s wise to sit in a classroom for a bit, read some books, take a few free online courses. But you’ll never learn everything through these methods. Eventually, you’ll have to go out into the real world and apply that knowledge. And that part can be scary.

Take One Step Forward, Any Step Will Do

When it comes to a new business venture, career opportunity or trying their hand at investing, women can all-too-easily get caught in a cycle of analysis paralysis that leaves them too afraid to put one foot in front of the other. And even if they finally do, they are left constantly wondering, “Am I doing this right?” Maybe. And maybe not. But there’s nothing wrong with getting started with what you know “right now.” You have to start somewhere. Otherwise, you’ll never get that practical, hands-on experience you need to move from “right now” into “right.”

And guess what? It’s OK to make mistakes (you will, no matter what). It’s also OK to fail (you might, despite your best efforts). Robert and I once had a tremendous amount of bad debt (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars)—some from an early business venture of Robert’s that had gone south, the rest was from being broke and charging as much as we could on our credit cards just to survive. But boy did we learn a lot. And our cash flow statement today would show that we dusted ourselves off, used the knowledge we gained from each mistake, and went after our financial dreams.

So although making a leap forward might feel like doing the impossible (take this test to see if you’re sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts), just think how much more impossible it will feel when you’re 72 years old and trying to generate income to replace all the money you spent on your late husband’s medical bills.

You know enough “right now” to take one step forward in your quest for financial freedom. Once you do, take another. And another. Soon you’ll be walking, then running. And that’s how you end up on the “right” path.

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