Your Past Success Guarantees Nothing

In the office here at Rich Dad I have enlarged and framed a quote from Joel A. Barker, “Your past success guarantees nothing in your future.” This is an important philosophy for the entrepreneur spirit. As soon as an entrepreneur stops and begins to praise his or her success, they start to get lazy and complacent. Instead of using wins to relax, an entrepreneur uses wins as momentum propelling them into bigger successes.

This week’s highlighted entrepreneur is Adam Ackerman. Adam lives by taking action and not resting on past wins. Adam says he “wakes up broke every day - this is my attitude, so I do not get complacent.”

Right now Adam is generating over $250,000 per month in sales with his online store. This has allowed him to quit his job, work only for himself and hire a number of employees.

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Adam credits his success to the philosophy of enjoying the journey and savoring the victories, BUT not for too long. Entrepreneurship appealed to him because he liked the idea of making something from nothing and enjoying that creative process. But he stresses that you have to enjoy the journey as well.

Adam was doing great making his one product and selling it online, but he did not rest. He now has seven different products that help him sell over $3 million online a year. He’s still not done though. By the end of this year, he’ll have close to 20 products.

This is the attitude an entrepreneur must have. If you do not focus on your successes, then you are not afraid of mistakes or failure. Most people would be entrepreneurs if winning were guaranteed, but the fear of failure stops them.

And that is the reason why most people don’t become entrepreneurs. They simply fear failing more than they desire winning. Unfortunately, life has its ups and downs, which means that if you want to win, you have to accept losing too. Living life somewhere in the middle is impossible.

Life throws punches at us whether we like it or not, and only expecting wins is unrealistic. When entrepreneurs face a loss, they quickly stand back up, learn from their mistakes, and move on. Successful entrepreneurs know that learning from their mistakes affords them greater wisdom and strength for the next challenge. While failing turns many people into failures, failure makes entrepreneurs smarter.

The entrepreneur is not focusing on success, an entrepreneur’s focus is on learning and applying the lessons learned. If that is your focus, then you’ll never get caught expecting your past success to guarantees future success.

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