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RICH DAD POOR DADpowered by Clutch Learning

Rich Dad Poor Dad + iPhone and iPad = Clutch Learning

The #1 best-selling personal finance book of all-time just got an upgrade.

Proof that different is better.

We’ve burned the textbooks on money and investing and tossed out the boring instructors. Instead, we’ve packed animations, videos, and simulations into an easy-to-use app. The end result? You have fun learning how to make more money.

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What's it all about?

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Shift Your Mindset Learn how money can be earned for the long term, even in your spare time. There are opportunities to increase your income all around you; you just need to be able to see them.

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Fiber for Your Financial Diet Learn about the advice that’s been fed to you over the years and be better equipped to eliminate the bad advice from the good.

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Unleash Your Potential Gain an understanding on the thoughts, emotions and fears that limit your income potential and gain the confidence to move forward.

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Make Money Your B*tch Learn how to make your money work for you. It’s not rocket science and anyone can do it. Seriously. Time is a precious commodity; make the most of it.


Increase Your Income Potential Today!

We’ve taken the intimidating topic of money and cut it down into bite-size chunks of fun through videos, animations, and simulations. What’s not to like about that? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either.

Rich Dad Poor Dad powered by Clutch Learning will remove the fear and show you that you can increase your income outside of the 9-to-5.

Someone is going to take advantage of the opportunities. Why not you?

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