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The Power of Financial Education"

On May 26th, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki will offer an unprecedented event using a groundbreaking, application of Kindle technology. Be part of this first ever, live chat and online eBook signing of its kind!

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Testimonials from

"I just read Unfair Advantage and must say, this is really good stuff! I have read a couple of books from Robert Kiyosaki and found this one to be his best work. If you're interested in getting an inside look at how to gain wealth in this strange new economy - read this one."
D.E. Moore, Mesa, AZ

"This is the third book I have read by RK and the best to date. It is current with what is going on NOW in the most craziest economic times of our lives. Now I have a plan and have set my goals to not go down the tubes like the majority of citizens will."
Ray Mumme

"Robert has done it again. His attitude is inspiring during tough times like this. His belief that one can not only survive but become wealthy in such tough economic times renews my interest in starting my own business...His words of support towards that end are incredibly helpful and a fresh break from the doom and gloom we keep hearing everywhere."
Jay DuWitt


"We are constantly learning and changing with today's fast-paced economic environment to provide the best information possible," states Shane Caniglia, The Rich Dad Company Director of Technology.

"This groundbreaking use of Kindle is the first of many strategic and innovative ways we plan to use technology in the future to help people increase their financial education and prosper."

What's in "Unfair Advantage – The Power of Financial Education" for you?

In this timely book, Robert Kiyosaki takes a hard-hitting look at the factors that impact your financial world.

He challenges you to act in a new way with clear, actionable steps, starting with education.

Education becomes applied knowledge, a powerful tactic with measurable results.

Discover the unfair advantage of financial education, and get your questions answered, such as:

  • What should I do with my money? Page 23
  • What do I have to do to earn more money and pay less in taxes? Page 57
  • Why are savers losers? Page 87
  • Is real estate a good investment? What about stocks or a business? Page 119
  • How hard do I have to work for money? Page 169
  • Is money an asset? Page 194
  • What is the best way to beat the central banks? Page 206
  • Is it too late to start over? Page 208
  • Can I start with nothing? Page 226
  • And much more!

Get ready to learn the unfair advantages of the rich and how to start enjoying the life you've always dreamed of!

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