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August 5, 2015

Mark-Anthony Bates

Personality vs. Brand

Mark-Anthony Bates

This week we’re talking with Mark-Anthony Bates who may be one of the most networked men on the planet. We talk about: The difference between “Converting” and “Selling” The anxiety those words can cause in some people. Why getting someone on your side is more valuable than making the sale What an EXIT STRATEGY means and why you need one immediately Separating your personality from your brand Maintaining Quality control Why stall tactics can be your best option And Seeing opportunities EVERYWHERE! Anyway, we talk about letting your potential customers fill in the blanks FOR YOU. How generosity can be used for good or evil (especially in sales) Considering the lifetime value of a customer rather than the sale in front of you. Separating good information from a bad personality. And most important, he gets into why trying to have ALL the answers from the start will KILL big opportunities for you. It’s pretty mind blowing. Hope you enjoy the rest of the show.

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