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August 18, 2012

Andy Tanner

Welcome to the Bait Shop

Andy Tanner

This week, Robert Kiyosaki and Andy Tanner talk about the bait and switch of the 401K. The first bait of the 401k is the company match, the second bait is its "tax deferred." The only time a 401k tax deferral works is if you're planning to be poor when you retire. "The problem isn't the 401k, it's that people don't know HOW to invest their money." -Andy Tanner 401(kaos)


August 11, 2012

Bert Dohmen

Financial Translator

Bert Dohmen

"Be careful who you are taking advice from. You must understand the language of money." - R. Kiyosaki. Robert calls Bert Dohmen the "DEW" - Distant Early Warning system for the global economy. Bert Dohmen is a Futurist not an Analyst. "Analysts don't analyze they follow the herd." - B. Dohmen. Bert explains how you can prepare for the erosion of not only the US currency, but ALL currencies.


August 4, 2012

Tom Wheelwright Image

Going Home With Ugly

Tom Wheelwright

Taxes - How do you make more money and pay less taxes? "Tax laws are a series of incentives for Entrepreneurs and Investors. If you're going to make the big bucks and pay less taxes, you better focus on getting to the B / I side." Tom Wheelwright. Also hear Robert’s take on retirement investing and why “a 401K is like going home with ugly” – Robert Kiyosaki


July 28, 2012

Josh and Lisa Lannon

Social Entrepreneurship

Josh and Lisa Lannon

It's not about the money. It's about your life's purpose/mission and turning it in to a business. "When people say 'do what you love and the money will follow' it's a bunch of crap!" Those are people who don't really understand business. "It's about solving problems. You find a problem and ask how can I take that problem, solve it, and turn it in to a business?" –Robert Kiyosaki


July 21, 2012

Richard Duncan, Kim Kiyosaki

Marriage and Money

This week we delve into the scary subject of Marriage and Money. Couples that learn about money together, stay together. Learn how couples who work to get rich as a team are more likely to succeed in business and as a couple. Kim Kiyosaki covers how women can find financial freedom and a positive relationship.


July 14, 2012

Richard Duncan, Kim Kiyosaki

Lost Decade

Richard Duncan, Kim Kiyosaki

The Japanese recession has languished on for 22 years as a result of reckless banking and credit behavior. Now, the US finds itself in the same boat and China may soon follow. We can still invest our way out of this crisis, but time is short. “What can you do now to make sure you and your family survive? If you wait any longer, it may be too late." –Robert Kiyosaki


July 7, 2012

Patrick Liew

Singapore Inc.

Patrick Liew

Can you run a government like a business? Singapore has created a business utopia, generating more millionaires and jobs than they can handle. Would the rules and laws that make Singapore successful ever fly in the U.S.? This week Patrick Liew, Director of HSR Property Group in Singapore, shares the harrowing story of how being kidnapped changed his life.

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