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March 25, 2017

Mel Robbins, Lauren Jenai


Mel Robbins, Lauren Jenai

Ever screw up? Make a mistake? Flub? Setbacks are a regular occurrence for entrepreneurs. Find out how successful business owners overcome these setbacks and learn to thrive. Two entrepreneurs share their hard-earned wisdom of mastering the comeback.


March 18, 2017

tom wheelwright on rich dad radio


Tom Wheelwright

Find out why the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. Tom Wheelwright joins Robert, and they dissect why income disparity is the world’s greatest moral hazard. Find out what causes income disparity and what you can do to avoid being poor or middle class.


March 14, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Danielle DiMartino Booth & John Tamny


Danielle DiMartino Booth & John Tamny

Robert explains why rich people do not save money. Or participate in a 401(k). Or avoid debt. A Federal Bank insider and Wall Street insider join Robert to reveal how these institutions’ policies are often abusive to the financially uneducated, but can be lucrative for those with financial education.


March 4, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guest David Stockman


David Stockman

David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, and former Wall Street insider, joins Robert. Stockman uses clear language to explain why Trump is doomed, why income inequality will only get worse, and what you can do to navigate these uncertain times. Stockman and Robert lay out the roadmap that lead America to a cycle of economic bubbles. Find out why Robert and Stockman both believe the next crash will be the worse ever.


March 1, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guest Anik Singal


Anik Singal

An inside look at the Rich Dad Company culture. Employees don’t receive 401(k)s, but get something far more valuable. Hear from Robert’s staff about what they are doing to become successful entrepreneurs and investors while still holding down a day job. These real-life stories from both budding and successful entrepreneurs offer valuable tips to anyone yearning to get of a 9-to-5 job.


February 18, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Martin Ford & Oren Cass


Martin Ford, Oren Cass

Robots are coming for your job. They don’t take sick days, don’t need coffee breaks, and don’t ask for raises. Robert talks to futurist Martin Ford, who predicts what a robot revolution means for the global economy. Find out what employers are doing to integrate robots into their businesses, and hear advice on how to navigate the future disruption robots pose to the workforce. Oren Cass, an economic policy expert, talks to Robert about the possibility that governments may turn to socialism in response to the rise of robots.


February 14, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests David Macchia & John MacGregor


David Macchia & John MacGregor

Obama Care is coming to the financial services industry. New rules and regulations take effect this year, and your 401k & IRA will likely be impacted. Robert & Kim talk to industry veterans who explain what the new rules are, and what you can do to prepare for these sweeping changes.


February 4, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guest Bert Dohmen


Bert Dohmen

Donald Trump is shaking up the world order. With so much change, find out how to navigate your investments, your business and your retirement. Bert Dohmen joins Robert and offers the viewpoint of an investor and researcher with over 40 years of experience. Bert’s insights are often contrarian and accurate. Be sure to hear his prediction of how Trump will ultimately fail.


January 28, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guest Richard Duncan

New World Order

Richard Duncan

Donald Trump is challenging many of the globe’s institutions and norms. What does all this uncertainty mean to you, your business and your financial future? Economist Richard Duncan joins Robert and Kim and offers his insights and advice, which many may find alarming. Duncan is based in Thailand, and has worked for the IMF and World Bank, two of the institutions Trump is challenging.


January 21, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Adam Levin & Garrett Sutton


Adam Levin, Garrett Sutton

Your identity is an asset. What are you doing to protect it in this age of hacking? Robert is joined by one of the world’s leading cyber-security experts, who shares strategies to protect yourself and your business against hackers. Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton also explains why basic asset protection must now include cyber-security insurance.


January 14, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Sandy Jadeja & Andy Tanner


Sandy Jadeja, Andy Tanner

What would you do if you could predict the future? Robert speaks to a technical analyst who has correctly predicted the last four market crashes. Hear what Sandy Jadeja forecasts for 2017, and what it may mean for your pension, retirement, savings, and even your mental health. Robert is also joined by Rich Dad advisor Andy Tanner, who offers tips on how to thrive in an unpredictable stock market.


January 7, 2017

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Robert Cialdini & Blair Singer


Robert Cialdini, Blair Singer

Robert says the most important skill any entrepreneur must master is the ability to sell. How do you persuade someone to buy your product? To see your point of view? To lend you money for a start-up? One of the world’s leading researchers on influence joins Robert and Kim, and offers practical advice to anyone seeking better sales.


December 31, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Garrett Sutton & Andy Tanner


Garrett Sutton, Andy Tanner

What will Trump’s surprising win mean for your wealth? Robert asks Rich Dad advisors Garrett Sutton & Andy Tanner what changes they see coming in the areas of asset protection and stock investing. This show offers listeners vital financial education in uncertain times.


December 24, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Radha Gopalan, Suneil Jain, & Nicole Srednicki

Health & Wealth

Radha Gopalan, Suneil Jain, & Nicole Srednicki

Robert says the biggest expense we incur during our lifetime is healthcare. Healthcare is also the #1 leading cause of bankruptcy. In this podcast, Robert & Kim’s personal doctors and health professionals offer insight on how to stay healthy while navigating the myriad of options in the U.S. health system.


December 17, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Garrett Gunderson & Andy Tanner


Garrett Gunderson & Andy Tanner

Why are you participating in a 401(k)? Why do you have a financial advisor? Why are you saving money? Robert and Kim scrutinize the sacred cows of our financial industry, peeling back the risk and reward you face doing business with them. Robert & Kim also offer alternative ways to think about investing and retirement.


December 10, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guest Mohamed El-Erian


Mohamed El-Erian

Trump. Brexit. Negative interest rates. Money printing. The world is not just changing, the changes are unusual. Mohamed El-Erian, Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz, joins Robert & Kim to discuss the improbable events of 2016 and how these events affect you. Find out why technology is accelerating change at a pace unseen in history, and why your best financial strategy lies in resilience and agility.


December 3, 2016

Steven Pressfield


Steven Pressfield

Every dream, every venture, every goal faces a defeating force. Find out what that force is and how successful entrepreneurs and investors beat it. Best-selling author Steven Pressfield joins Robert & Kim, and they all offer personal accounts of overcoming resistance.


November 26, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Harry Dent & Bert Dohmen


Harry Dent, Bert Dohmen

Two economic forecasters join Robert and offer predictions for a Trump presidency. What will stocks do? Real estate? Taxes? Trade? Most importantly, find out how you can successfully plan for the next four years.


November 19, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guest James Rickards


James Rickards

Hear what the establishment institutions are doing to enrich the elites and put your money at risk. James Rickards joins Robert & Kim and explains why your hard-earned savings and investments are in peril. More importantly Robert, Kim & Rickards offer their personal strategies to protect wealth.


November 12, 2016

Rich Dad Radio Show guests Ron Paul & Danielle DiMartino Booth


Ron Paul & Danielle DiMartino Booth

Trump stuns the world to become the president-elect. What impact will this have on your investments, your business, your healthcare? Former presidential candidate Ron Paul joins Robert & Kim with an insider’s view of this historic election. Plus a former Fed insider tells us why Trump’s win may spell the end of central banking. And Robert offers his personal insights on Trump, whom Robert collaborated with on two books.

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