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February 22, 2014

Samantha Meis and Connor Riley

An Idea Is All You Need

Samantha Meis and Connor Riley

Have you ever wanted to put your idea into production, but didn’t know where to get started? Kim talks about ideas with two young entrepreneurs, Samantha Meis and Connor Riley. Sam and Connor started MistoBox, a coffee distribution business based on a subscription model similar to BirchBox and Trunk Club.


February 15, 2014

Ken McElroy and Darren Weeks

You Don't Need Money

Ken McElroy and Darren Weeks

That’s right, money is irrelevant to the process of wealth building. This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisors Ken McElroy and Darren Weeks. We’ll discuss the difference between debt and equity, how having NO MONEY can be an advantage and why the name of the game is "Cash Flow”. Don’t spend your life saving up for small deals, find the ability to fund raise and step into the bigger game.


February 8, 2014

Dr. Marcy Cole

For Love or Money

Dr. Marcy Cole

Marriage can make you rich and marriage can make you poor. What’s the recipe for financial success in a marriage? Why do conversations about money usually lead to fights? This week we talk with Holistic Psychotherapist Dr. Marcy Cole about the need to form a financial plan as a couple from day one. We’ll also talk with Josh and Lisa Lannon about the work that goes into a financially and emotionally successful relationship as well as the pitfalls of addiction. Learn how passion can create purpose for successful couples.


February 1, 2014

Blair Singer

Sell Yourself

Blair Singer

Everything is SALES. You have to sell your ideas, your message, your products and most importantly yourself! If sales equals income, why wouldn’t you want to master selling? This week we talk with Blair Singer (author of: Sales Dogs, Team Code of Honor and Little Voice Mastery) about why we need to be ASKING more than TELLING. We’ll also discuss why those who can’t sell often resent those who can. Learn why the barriers of fear and doubt stop us from selling.


January 25, 2014

Tom Wheelwright

It's YOUR Money!

Tom Wheelwright

How many of you are sick of paying taxes? How many of you feel like you pay too much? But what can you do about it? Listen in today to learn how to LEGALLY pay less taxes. Robert and Kim talk with Tax Expert Tom Wheelwright (Author of “Tax Free Wealth”) about how you can legally work within the system to keep more of the money you earn. Stop being so scared of the dreaded audit that you’re paying more than your fair share. It’s your money! Keep it!


January 18, 2014

Bert Dohman

Emotional Decisions

Bert Dohman

Are you invested in 401ks? Are you excited about the bullish nature of the market recently? You might want to dial down your excitement. This week Robert and Kim talk with author of “The Wellington Letter” Bert Dohman about the emotional mistakes that lead most investors down the road to ruin. Stop listening to the government and the financial media and start doing proper research when making the decisions that can change your financial future.


January 11, 2014

Ken McElroy, Rick Maryanski

Hold, Fold or Walk Away?

Ken McElroy, Rick Maryanski

Depending on where you live and who you listen to, the real estate market is hot, cold or somewhere in between. So is this the time to buy, sell or just walk away entirely? Robert and Kim sit down with our guests Ken McElroy and Rick Maryanski to discuss the hot markets of 2014. Everyone right now is looking for that “big deal” but what really defines a real estate deal? Listen and learn the five leading indicators that truly make a property a “good deal.”


January 4, 2014

Joe Anderson and Mary Dewane

Quality of Life

Joe Anderson, Mary Dewane, Tom Wheelwright

It’s more important than money – it’s your health. It's time to take a hard look at how Obamacare will affect you. This week we speak with Joe Anderson (Fmr. CEO of Schaller Anderson, Incorporated) and Mary Dewane (Fmr. Office of Medicaid Managed Care) about the real implications of the impending changes to our healthcare system. It’s a life and death discussion both personally and professionally. How will you survive in the new America?


December 28, 2013

Michael Barone and Tim Ralston

Community Standards

Michael Barone and Tim Ralston

The current political environment, and the impact of unsustainable pensions are creating the perfect storm. Learn how you will be impacted and how to shelter yourself now. Do you know your neighbors? Major cities and states are going bankrupt, basic services may be easily disrupted. Americans are on the move and are gravitating to more ‘low tech/low cost’ locations than ever before. In addition, the word ‘community’ is taking on new meaning. If you’re thinking of making a move, this show is a must for you.


December 21, 2013

Jerry Williams and Charles Goyette

Preparation and Prosperity

Jerry Williams and Charles Goyette

Is the dollar recovering? Which way is quantitative easing heading? What’s the government’s next move on the job front? Scared by the changes in the markets? You don’t have to be. This week Kim and Robert talk with Jerry Williams (American Precious Metals) and Charles Goyette. Learn why, no matter what the Government does, you can still prosper. Stop laying back and suffering through the moves of your government and start learning how to use market fluctuations and devaluations to your advantage.


December 14, 2013

Tom Wheelwright, John MacGregor

Do Your Homework

Tom Wheelwright, John MacGregor

Are you like millions of other people who take their hard earned money and blindly turn it over to a financial planner and just hope for the best? We spend more time shopping for the perfect Holiday gift, than interviewing the very person we trust our money to. The holiday list gets checked twice, why not your portfolio? Know your rights in questioning and hiring an advisor. At the end of the day, nobody cares more about your money than you. So put down the eggnog, do your homework, get educated and take ACTION.


December 7, 2013

James Dorsey

"Y" So Serious

Jason Dorsey

Gen Y is the fastest growing generation and in 2017 is predicted to outspend Baby Boomers. A generation that is defined by key trends and capstone events such as the Challenger Tragedy and 9/11. The most connected doesn’t mean the most informed. The generation that is shaping our future carries the label of ‘entitled’ or ‘lost.’ You’ll be surprised to learn who is most offended by those terms and how they really earned those perceptions. If you own a business, listen to learn how they think and steps you must take to connect with them.


November 30, 2013

Russell Gray, Jay Massey

Belief vs. Trust

Russell Gray, Jay Massey

Does God want you to be rich, does God have a plan for you? Seriously, think about it. Many believe that wealth and spirituality simply can’t intersect, but can that be true? This week we talk with Russell Gray (The Real Estate Guys) and Jay Massey about how they took their own “Leaps of Faith” that led them to their true calling. Learn the difference between “Belief in God” and “Trust in God.”


November 23, 2013

Tom Wheelwright

Money in the Wild

Tom Wheelwright

Taxes are always going in one direction…and that is UP. The less you know, the more you pay. The tax code is essentially a road map and it’s time for you to learn how to navigate. The government intentionally creates incentives for business owners and investors – so why aren’t you taking advantage of them? You need to track your money like prey in the wild. Your 401K is making someone rich, it just isn’t you, learn how Wall Street is poaching your earnings.


November 16, 2013

G. Edward Griffin, Ken McElroy

Wagging the Dog

G. Edward Griffin, Ken McElroy

In America there’s a lot of talk about news organizations being slanted. While that may be true, there’s something far more nefarious at work. The very information the news presents, has been pre-ordained by countries and corporations who have a vested interest in what Americans and the rest of the world concern themselves with. If you want to know about money, you need to get ahead of the news. This week we talk with Ken McElroy and G. Edward Griffin about reading outside the margins.


November 9, 2013

Donald and Eric Trump

No Quarter

Donald and Eric Trump

There may be a perception that the children of wealthy parents are entitled, spoiled or soft. The sons of one of the world's most iconic wealth builders had no such upbringing. Donald Jr. and Eric Trump talk with us about being raised in a "No handouts" upbringing. Hear about their experiences and the hard lessons they were taught being raised by tough teachers. See why learning to be tough and self sufficient from day one will do more for your kids than any trust-fund.


October 26, 2013

Sal DiCiccio

Inside Job

Sal Diciccio, Tom Forese

Ask not what you can do for your country, but how you can help yourself to the city coffers. Steal as much as you can while you still have a job, escalating pension plans and manipulation of the system. As Ronald Reagan said “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.” There is a complete lack of responsibility, folks are always going to the trough and taking with no regard for its impact on the future.


October 19, 2013

Rich Dad Radio Icon

Start Small

Rick Maryanski, Ken McElroy

Does “NO” mean “GO” to you? Learn how to overcome the ‘No’ from the bank. Discussion on how to use other people’s money and get the tax breaks. Get a good teacher – first investment is your time. Take the time to learn from a proven, successful real estate investor.


October 12, 2013

Tad DeHaven

Behind the Curtain

Tad DeHaven

“We have a childlike faith in Government to solve our problems.” – Tad DeHaven Maybe we should be rethinking the power we give Government over our lives. Learn what you can do to protect yourself today and in the future. Understand how business is done in Washington. The Government is in ‘cahoots’ with Big Business. What’s “good for the people” winds up lining the pockets of Big Business.


October 5, 2013

Alexander Elder

Born To Lose

Alexander Elder, Tom Wheelwright

Are you a born loser? Do you have the mindset to be an investor? What does it take to win in the stock market? This week, Robert and Kim talk with Dr. Alexander Elder (Author of "Trading for a Living" and "Come into my Trading Room" and Director of www.elder.com), about the role fear and greed play in our financial success. Listen in to hear if you're a born failure or if you have the psychological tools to make it as a trader.

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