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The Rich Dad Advisors are a team of business, wealth creation and wealth protection experts assembled by Robert Kiyosaki.

Josh & Lisa Lannon

The world economy is crying out for entrepreneurs to take a stand, create jobs, and solve problems. Doing good and making money does not have to be mutually exclusive. With an inspiring story, Josh and Lisa Lannon turned a problem into a solution, built a passion driven organization, and have envisioned the coming mega trend of social entrepreneurism.

Josh and Lisa Lannon are Social Entrepreneurs and Founders of Journey Healing Centers, a private adult drug and alcohol treatment center. Their organization, founded in 2002 (www.journeycenters.com), has assisted thousands of individuals recover from addiction by treating them with dignity and respect while reuniting families back together again. JHC has a 95% completion success rate (industry average is 48% according to SAMSHA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association) and holds the highest level of global accreditation. JHC provides Residential Programs, Outpatient Facilities, Day Treatment, Sober Living Homes, Family Programming, and Free Aftercare. The company has been featured on MTV’s Gone Too Far, USA Today, Psychology Today, People Magazine, NPR, and many other media. Josh and Lisa have also been featured in interviews on Fox News, PBS, Voice America, CBS Radio Night Views, and America Tonight among others.

Josh and Lisa have been together since 1995, and are proud parents of two young amazing children. They’ve dedicated themselves to building a business that makes sense and addresses social problems.

Josh and Lisa are members of YPO (Young Presidents Organization).

The Social Capitalist provides an insider’s view of the six success keys for entrepreneurs and is based on Josh and Lisa's experience building Journey Healing Centers, private drug and alcohol treatment centers, for profit and for good. The couple shares how the company got initial private funding of $1.5 million in 2003, grew to 100+ employees/contractors in multiple cities, gained strength from learning opportunities, and received their B Corporation Certification. In this innovative book, the Lannons share how they used the Rich Dad principles to build a profitable business together with a triple bottom line: Profit, Social Value and Freedom.

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