Will Brexit be the Cause of the Biggest Crash in 2016?

Will Brexit be the Cause of the Biggest Crash in 2016?

This morning, I woke up to find the citizens of Britain voted, by a count of 52% to 48%, to exit the European Union (EU). England is the most financially and politically important member in the EU and the first country ever to leave the EU.

Welcome to an uncharted future.

The weeks leading up to the vote had most analysts guessing wrong about which way the vote would go. Along with voting to leave the EU, the vote also meant England will be getting a new prime minister, since David Cameron resigned in the wake of the vote.

In my opinion, the only known fact is that this will create an increase in volatility.

What does the Brexit have to do with you if you do not live in England? The economy is a global force. To be unaware of it’s movements is to be gambling with your future no matter what business you are in. Brexit is a huge action in this global power that needs to be taken into account.

To survive the effects of the global economy one must be able to predict the future. Although rich dad did not see himself as a prophet, he did work diligently to improve his ability to see the future. Rich dad told me that, “If you want to be a rich business owner or investor, you need to understand the story of Noah and the ark.”

As he trained his son and me to be business owners and investors who could also see the future, he would often say, “Do you realize how much faith it took for Noah to go to his family and say, ‘God told me there is a great flood coming, so we need to build an ark?’”

Predicting the future is a loser’s game. It’s easy to be wrong and nearly impossible to be completely right. Despite that, I create an annual video of my personal predictions to try to help the Rich Dad community navigate the uncertain waters of the future and build their own ark.

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The hard part about predicting the future is actually following through on the actions that agree with your predictions. There is always more neigh sayers than believers.

Rich dad asked, “Can you imagine what Noah’s wife, kids, and investors must have said to him? They might have said, ‘But Noah, this is a desert we live in. It does not rain here. In fact, we are in the middle of a drought. Are you sure God told you to build an ark? It’s going to be tough to raise capital for a boat-building company in the middle of a desert. Wouldn’t building a hotel, spa, and golf course make more sense than an ark?’”

In teaching us the importance of having a vision of the future, rich dad would often say, “Always remember that Noah had vision. But more than vision, he had the faith and courage to take action on his vision. Many people have vision, but not everyone has the sustainable faith and courage as Noah did—the faith and courage to take action on their vision—so their vision of the future is the same as their vision of today.” In other words, people without faith, courage, and vision often do not see the changes that are coming, until it is too late.

Nowadays, with the economy being a global force, just predicting the future is incredibly difficult. There are commodities that influence stocks and visa-a-versa. There is real estate and corporations larger than countries to consider. As I said, it is a loser’s game.

Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you don’t try. It means you try harder. You find someone you trust and listen to them. Then you look at the facts and see if you agree with the interpretation. You study and discuss and gain as much knowledge as possible so that you can make the right decisions and actions for your future.

A few months ago I created my third Predictions video to try to help you with those facts. I encourage you to watch it. I introduce you to some of the team that I listen to and trust to guide my future.

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A new flood is coming. It’s not water but it is very dangerous to you and your family’s future. Brexit is proof of this coming flood. It is the first crack in a massive dam. Protect your future from disaster.

This Brexit disaster should be a wake-up call for people. Global economies are not bulletproof.

There are 5 points I’d like you to consider as you watch my latest Prediction video:

1. Remember to be vigilant and point out some of the warning signs that rich dad said we needed to pay attention to.

2. To see the world today with a true financial perspective.

3. To ask yourself if you’re truly ready for the future.

4. To offer some ideas on what you can do to prepare for the most uncertain financial times in the recent future.

5. Finally, to let you know that you will probably be better off financially, if you actively prepare.

In other words, if you plan now, take action, and prepare, your financial future may be much brighter. Being proactive, educated, and prepared is much better than the financial strategy most people have when it comes to their investments—the passive strategy of “buy, hold, and pray”.

The story of Noah and the ark is a great story of a great prophet with tremendous vision, faith, and courage. My Predictions video will not teach you to be a prophet, but I believe it will give you great faith that a brighter financial future is available to you and your loved ones, regardless if the chaos the future will bring.

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Original publish date: June 24, 2016