How a couple made almost a quarter of a million dollar business...from scratch

How a couple made almost a quarter of a million dollar business...from scratch

We want to introduce you to Julie Mills and Julian Thornton, a couple all the way from Australia, who have gone through all the bumps and bruises of selling online products, only to come out on top.

From hearing about ASM in February 2013, to hitting $280,000 sales in the month of May 2014, Julie and Julian are gaining sales at an incredible rate.

To date, their total is:

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Life Before ASM

Julie worked full time consulting for entrepreneurial creative companies, gaining lots of exposure to businesses. However, she had zero experience with Internet marketing experience and had no idea even what the terminology “traffic” meant in relation to Internet sales.

She was a business owner previous to ASM, partnering with a couple of people in a fashion business and skincare business. After growing those, she sold them and focused full time on consulting.

Julian worked in sales and marketing, along with finance and real estate, trying out different methods of Internet marketing and sales for about 12 years and never really having much success. He spent a lot of time and money trying to find ways of being successful on the Internet.

Julian received an email about ASM around February 2013. His initial thought was “why not” but he wasn’t really expecting ASM to offer him anything different than the other options already out there. The couple was just starting to date at that point, and Julian, fully expecting Julie to not want to do the course, approached her and told her she should do the course with him to learn about ecommerce.

Julie was 100% on board.

Starting Off With ASM

They started the course, each starting off selling their own products, in March of 2013. They struggled a lot at the beginning, disregarding the suggestion in the course to start with easy products that don’t need extra approvals or anything from Amazon, etc.

Having a business background, Julie was confident she could figure it out and sell a product she was already familiar with. Well, after that not quite working out the way they hoped, Julie decided to pick a product that was recommended through the course, bought the inventory, and got started. Julian may have had a minor panic over Julie’s rashness, not understanding why she was changing tactics at that point, but in the end it was a much better option for them.

After 7 months of struggling to get a product live, by switching to an easier product they finally launched. After getting a product on the market, they then faced the problems of inventory running out and a lot of other bumps along the way. After working out some of the kinks and getting their feet on solid ground, their product started to take off. It just took them a little patience, and learning to follow the course and go back through modules as roadblocks came up.

Achieving Success

In the span of about three months, after getting their product live and inventory stocked, their sales took off and they were consistently getting between 30-40 sales per day.

In April or May of 2014 they hit about $280,000 in monthly revenue.

Timeline for Julie/Julian’s success:

  1. They heard about ASM in February of 2013.
  2. They started the ASM course in March of 2013
  3. They didn’t get a solid product up and running until January of 2014.
  4. They reached $280,000, in one month, by May of 2014.

Five months after figuring out how to launch a product and maintain inventory, they were raking in sales at an incredible rate!

Their Key To Success

  1. Consistency is a major part of their success. Julie and Julian are continually working on their product page and trying to find small things to improve. They went through the course and followed the steps to get their listing up and generating sales, however, they are still improving their listing as they can.
  2. Outsourcing the workload has helped keep them efficient. Their outsourcers are faster than they are at a lot of tasks, so they have taught them to take over a lot of the aspects of their product listing, allowing Julie and Julian more time to focus on other things.
  3. They do 1-2 things a day, and don’t try to conquer everything all at once. When you find yourself being frustrated or overwhelmed, break it down to 1 or 2 goals for your day and get the hang of those.

After just a few months of launching their product, sales have taken off for these two! They have already built their successful business and are only growing from here.

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Original publish date: October 08, 2014

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