power of the entrpreneurial spirit

The Power of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Moving from mediocre to great

Many people have great ideas, but only a few are able to turn them into assets that produce cash flow. The difference between an average investor and a successful one is the ability to turn ideas into millions of dollars.

While teaching me how to turn my ideas into assets, rich dad often said, “When you first set out to turn your ideas into your personal fortune, many people will say, ‘You can’t do that.’ Always remember that nothing kills your great ideas more than people with small ideas and limited imaginations.”

Why people say, “You can’t do that.”

Rich dad gave me two reasons he thought people tended to say, “You can’t do that.”

1. They say, “You can’t do that,” (even if you are doing what they say you cannot do) not because you can’t do it, but because they can’t do it.

2. They say, “You can’t do that,” because they cannot see what you are doing.

Rich dad explained that the process of making money is more of a mental process than a physical process. Most people don’t have the mental capacity to see beyond their present circumstances and imagine what can be versus what is.

The battle of great vs. mediocre

Sometimes it’s not others that say, “You can’t do that.” It can often be our own minds. In those times, our will is tested and we are experiencing the battle between our spirit and our mind.

One of rich dad’s favorite quotes from Einstein was, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Commenting on that, rich dad said, “We all possess both a great spirit and a mediocre mind. The challenge in turning our ideas into a million-dollar asset is often the battle between our own great spirits and our own, often-mediocre, minds.

Winning the battle

Whenever a person’s mediocre mind begins to oppose their own great spirits, I always remind them of what my rich dad said to me, “There are many people with great ideas, but very few people with great amounts of money.”

The reason the 90/10 rule (90 percent of money is made by 10 percent of people) holds true is that it does not take a great idea to become rich. You must be strong in spirit and in your convictions to turn your ideas into fortunes.

Always remember that great ideas become great fortunes only if the person behind them is willing to become great also. You must have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the will to go on, even when filled with doubt.

Turning an idea into a great fortune is more a matter of the entrepreneurial spirit rather than a matter of the human mind. Once you find your entrepreneurial spirit, you will forever be able to take very ordinary ideas and turn them into extraordinary fortunes.

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Original publish date: July 22, 2014

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