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Entrepreneurs Can Do Anything

Entrepreneurs can do anything, including take over for the month of September. This month is entrepreneur month at Rich Dad. While it is not a national recognition, we wanted to make our focus on entrepreneurism this month because it is so important. Entrepreneurism is the key to a nation's financial health.

Most jobs in this world do not come from big business. Rather it is the small to medium size business that create the lion's share of employment opportunities. This is why entrepreneurs are so important to the world.

Each week I am going to highlight one entrepreneur that is making a difference. In doing this, I want you to see that YOU can do this. You can accomplish the same freedom that these individuals have.

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Entrepreneurship is about more than just personal freedom. It's also about making jobs and making the economy better. It's about healing the world.

This week I'd like you to meet and learn from John Gill. John is a retired police officer. About one year ago John started an Amazon store based on an online educational course he took. While he worked as an officer and ran his Amazon store for several months, his store started doing so well that he was able to retire from police work.

That sounds easy, but it never is. John had to fight through all his self-doubt and the doubts the world places on you. When everyone around you is an employee it's hard to break out of that comfort zone. No one wants you to succeed. Not because they are horrible people, but because it makes them uncomfortable with their situation.

John says the biggest lesson he learned was that, "I can do anything I set my mind to and that I am stronger then I ever believed and also the importance of surrounding myself with amazing like minded people."

When I asked John why he went into entrepreneurship he answered immediately, "for freedom and to get control of my life and to be able to create memorable experiences for my family."

The "Why" you become an entrepreneur is often the most important piece of the process. Once you've identified the real "why" you can overcome any obstacle. John said that once he identified his "why", he focused on it constantly.

The last thing I wanted to highlight about John was that his store is not just about him. John's business has given him the gift of creating jobs for others. He now employs five other people directly and numerous more indirectly.

John took one class, but he also took action. Together John made a business that gave him freedom and created jobs for others. I know many of you can do the same.

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Original publish date: September 08, 2014

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