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The Power of Brand

Brand is not a fancy logo. Brand is not your pretty colors. Brand is not a catchy tag line. All those things are a part of brand, but brand is so much more.

Isabella learned the power of brand and what a brand really is. Isabella started her own business on Amazon. She learned from Matt and Jason at the Amazing Academy and within three months she’d earned a level of success that allowed her to quit her job.

With her success came competition. When Isabella launched her product and brand on Amazon she had a packaging and marketing/messaging idea than no one else had. This helped get her product to the top best-sellers of her product’s main category in only a few months.

After about 6 months Isabella started seeing many new sellers copying her packaging and idea down to every little detail. They copied everything except for her brand name. They couldn't touch that because she had it trademarked.

Isabella took a step back and decided that she was going to continue to focus on what she had been doing that was successful. She focused on her brand promise - product quality and TONS of fast and effective customer service. Isabella started to adjust her marketing messaging to focus on her brand promise. It’s been over a year since her competitors began to mimic her and she is still crushing her competition.

Isabella learned the power of brand and what a brand really is. Brand is heart. Brand adds value. Isabella’s product may be very similar to her competitor, but her product came with a brand. It came with a reputation and a promise. Isabella’s brand became her number one selling tool.

A brand is power. Many entrepreneurs work hard building a business, but only a few build a brand. Building your business into a brand is essential to developing your asset to the fullest. When you build a brand for your business you are really creating two distinct assets. Whether you realize it or not, your brand can be many times more valuable than your business. Brand is more important than the actual product. Anyone can sell a product, only people with passion can create a brand.

Inside every great brand is the heart of the entrepreneur who started it all. That heart is a precious and valuable asset that few companies even recognize they have, until it is lost. It is the values that the entrepreneur holds dear. If the heart is not protected, the brand soon dies.

Isabella learned the beginning of brand from Matt and Jason at Amazing Academy. The rest came from her heart. I urge you to learn from Isabella’s experience and create a brand when you create a product.

Original publish date: October 15, 2014

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