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“There is a time for budgeting. And there is a time for saving. But if those practices become a permanent fixture in your financial life you will be causing yourself, and your spirit, real damage.”
Robert Kiyosaki
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Budgeting Sucks. And no one has ever budgeted his or her way to wealth. No one has ever changed the destiny of their family’s legacy by budgeting. Frugal spending can help limited funds stretch farther but will not lead to financial independence. Today, most middle class families live from paycheck to paycheck, or worse, with very little in savings or retirement. Most people think that they have to work longer hours to make more money. This is an old-way of thinking about money and wealth.

Garrett Gunderson and Dale Clarke have released an unedited, extended chapter from their latest book Budgeting Sucks: Live Free, Retire Wealthy exclusively for the Rich Dad community which explains new creative ways to earn more by working less. You will find specific ways where you can release the shackles of budgeting but still save a lot more money than you spend. This chapter gives detailed steps you can implement today and introduces you to new concepts such as Cash Flow Banking, The 5 C’s to Cash Flow Banking, and the Wealth Ladder, which will help you build sustainable lifelong wealth.

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