Do you want to be a Rich Woman?

Most women will answer, “Yes!” Or “Well, I’d rather be a rich woman than a poor woman.” And, of course, there are those who will reply, “You know, money isn’t everything. And I’d rather be happy than rich.”

I never understand why some people think happy and rich are mutually exclusive – that you must choose one at the expense (or exclusion) of the other. My question is: Why not be both! Why not be rich and happy!

At Rich Woman we define a Rich Woman as a woman who is financially independent. A woman who is dedicated to taking charge of her financial life, and not depending on someone else for her financial well-being. She is a woman who insists on becoming financially free.

The reason for becoming financially free is not just so you can acquire the finer things in life (though those are certainly nice to have), the purpose is to take control of your life and your time. Once you’re calling the shots in your life and doing what you love with your time and efforts, happiness will be the result. Financial independence is the key to becoming rich and happy!

Original publish date: July 30, 2009