1,000 First Deals

Hello Women!

The purpose of Rich Woman is to support, encourage and educate women to become financially independent.

One of the most important milestones for a woman towards achieving financial independence is for her to do her first deal. This is where many women fall short, primarily due to fear and a lack of confidence. For that reason our focus is on getting that all-important “first deal” done. Once a woman has taken that monumental step then she is on her way…and the magic happens.

We have set a goal at Rich Woman for 1,000 women do their first deal. And once we reach 1,000 then we’ll go for 10,000!

We want to acknowledge the women who have taken that first big step by featuring their name and their first deal on RichWoman.com.

Have you done your first deal? If so, we’d love to put you on our “1,000 First Deals” list. We realize you may have done more than one deal – and we applaud you for that. We want to showcase this First Deal list for two reasons:

  1. To recognize the women who are actively putting the Rich Woman principles to work
  2. To show women that, yes, women can and are completing deals successfully all over the world

Help inspire others! Seeing the success of women like you will help to minimize whatever obstacles women feel they face that limit them from taking that first critical step to financial independence.

To become part of our 1,000 First Deals list, all you need to do is:

  1. Email us your name, city, and country
  2. In 20 words or less describe your first deal. (For example: A 2-bedroom, 1-bath house in Portland, Oregon. Cash flow of $50/month.)

With much gratitude,
Kim Kiyosaki

Original publish date: June 26, 2009