Commitment brings clarity

“Clarity comes after commitment has been made.” –Ellie Drake

“Nothing happens until something moves.” –Albert Einstein

Are you stuck waiting to get “clear” about what you need to do? The remedy for this is to commit to your end goal, then start working towards it. When you truly commit to something, your mind shifts, you see opportunities where you did not before, and circumstances conspire to help you. As you keep taking action and see the results of your actions, you will gain better clarity as to how to accomplish your goal. 

Although you may need to adjust or abandon particular strategies and tactics that don’t end up leading you where you wanted, never give up on your ultimate goal. Big dreams are inspiring and worth pursuing. The more you take action towards your goal and observe the results, the more clarity you will gain as you move forward.

So make the commitment now, and stay true to it.

Original publish date: March 18, 2010