The last taboo

Women will talk to each other about anything and everything. Well, almost everything. It turns out that while close friends will confide their most intimate secrets about their personal lives, there is one topic that women still shy away from: Money.

Many of us were raised in families where money was not discussed, and in many cases that taboo has carried down to following generations. Add to that the fact that, when it comes to finances, most women don’t feel very knowledgeable, so of course they don’t discuss it. Finding a great deal on designer shoes – now that’s something we feel confident talking about. Perhaps you’ll even hear something mentioned about putting aside money for children to go to college. But investing? Probably not.

Don’t let yourself or your friends stay uninformed when it comes to money. With so much going on in the economy today, there’s no better time than now to have an honest talk with your girlfriends about your financial futures – and formulate plans to make them brighter.

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Original publish date: March 04, 2010