Only YOU Can Create a Richer Life for Yourself

If you’re serious about living the life of your dreams, then the first thing to realize is that you are the only person you can truly count on to make your ideal life a reality.

As mothers and caregivers, nurturing is in our nature. We often fall into the trap of caring for others and forgetting to secure our own futures… or expecting someone else to do it for us. Don’t gamble with your future this way! You can build upon the same skills you use in your work and at home to become financially independent and live the life you want.

When you take responsibility for your life’s path an amazing thing happens: you see so many opportunities and choices that you didn’t see before. When you combine this new outlook with action, you can go places you’d only dreamed of.

Think positively about yourself and your goals. Don’t allow the limiting beliefs of others become your own limiting beliefs. Your goals and aspirations – however large or small – are important and worth pursuing. Remind yourself of this frequently – especially when you’re feeling down.

Become a life-long learner. You can begin as simply as reading from the business section of your local paper each day, or subscribing to free online blogs. When we stop learning we stop growing, and when we stop growing we become stagnant. Keep your mind alive and active – always keep learning!

Take action. Ideas can only become real when you act on them.

The life you want is waiting.

Original publish date: May 28, 2009