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Rich Dad Entrepreneur - Robert Boorman

As a father, how do I teach my children about entrepreneurship? I have been an entrepreneur and know all of the reasons for not being an employee, but… I am an employee. The other side of this coin, is that I am an employee for Robert Kiyosaki and I took this job not just for the paycheck but to learn how to be a better entrepreneur. I’ve been with Rich Dad for a couple years now and just read Robert’s book, Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students. It changed my life.

I have a wife and two kids. Every day I send my children to school where I know they are being forced into the system of becoming an employee. I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR MY KIDS! My kids need to learn independence and freedom, not slavery to the work force and a government. After reading Robert’s, Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students, book I knew what I had to do.

Robert teaches us every day that the best way to learn is not through reading a book or listening to a lecture, that’s how they teach in schools. If I want to combat and defeat the overwhelming influence from school, then I need to teach through actions. I need to involve my kids in learning through starting our own business.

I sat down and thought long and hard before I had a discussion with Shane Caniglia, the President here at Rich Dad. Shane and Robert both believe the same thing: if I am going to go into business, I’d better choose something I am passionate about AND, this time, something that my kids are passionate about too. The reason for this is simple. This new business will be taking up our evenings, our weekends and all our free time. If we are not passionate then we’ll begin to lose focus and let life distract us.

So the kids and I sat down and we talked about things we like to do, things that excite us and things we think we can do. Finally we came up with an idea… we would make games for iPhones and iPads. My little Ava (she’s my oldest at 5 years old) loves the iPad and it’s already a major tool and resource in her education.

So I sat down with Robert’s book, Guide to Investing, and read about the B-I Triangle. As I read I would try to explain it to my Ava. I learned more from teaching, discussing and answering questions than I did from the actual book. The whole activity has brought Ava and I together.

Thanks to Robert and his teachings I feel like a better father and a better man. We are finally combating the brainwashing of the school system and giving my children a real shot at their future.

Oh yeah… my little Ava is 5. She’s a five year old with a business. If she can do it, you can do it. Ava didn’t have a little voice telling her she couldn’t. She sees the world full of abundance and opportunity. I challenge you to view the world through Ava’s eyes and go out and earn your dream. If you’d like to see our little business you can download our game for free from your iPhone or iPad.

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Ava made this game and started learning about business when she was five. Imagine what she’ll be doing when she’s ten years old.

Original publish date: March 13, 2014

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