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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Your Business

Make a living by working for yourself regardless of the economy. Now is the perfect time to start a business. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

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Make a living by working for yourself regardless of the economy

I wrote an email the other day that caused a mini avalanche of responses. So I thought I’d expand on that email’s message below and answer many of the questions that came flooding my inbox about the uptick in unemployment and why I believe now is the perfect time to start a business.

According to, the total number of jobless claims since mid-March of 2020 has risen to 33.3 million people out of work. That is about 20% of the US workforce. The rest of the world isn’t looking much better. Maybe you lost your job, or maybe you still have one, either way you need to understand how this affects you and how to protect yourself.

When unemployment is high, there are few jobs and a lot of people wanting them. This is good for entrepreneurs because now they can get an amazing employee at a reduced price, but not good for employees and wanna-be-employees.

This also means salaries will freeze. No reason to pay employees more when the business can go out and get a better employee even cheaper. Again, not good for employees.

More than 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since mid-March.

But… with all the fake money being printed out of thin air, inflation will begin to rise. Now, businesses can sell their services and products for more money while their costs go down because they can pay their employees less. So now employees are making less but their personal expenses will rise.

It gets even worse.

The government just paid record unemployment benefits as well as stimulus checks and printed a bunch of FAKE money. Who has to pay all that massive debt? You, the taxpayer.

Your salary and benefits will freeze or shrink, the cost of goods and services will rise and your taxes are going to get raised substantially.

So, how do you protect yourself?

If you reread what I wrote above, then you realize the only one winning is the business owner, the entrepreneur. He or she can get the best employees for dirt cheap. He or she can start to charge more for their products and services and business owners get massive, incredible tax breaks. In other words, now is an ideal time to start a business.

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Entrepreneurs win! So I think it’s clear. You need to become an entrepreneur to avoid unemployment... for good.

Now, what business should you start? If you’ve been following The Rich Dad Company for any amount of time you know it all starts with educating yourself. But not just any education. You need to make sure you are being educated by someone who does what you are trying to do and is successful at doing what you want to do.

The rest of this blog post is going to teach you how to start a business using a strategy that I know nothing about. How many times do you read that in a blog? Not as often as you should I’m sure.

How to Start a Business Has Changed

I made my businesses the old-fashion way. I got an invention in my head, I went out and found investors, then I found a factory to manufacture my idea and then I went door-to-door selling it. It was painful, slow, long and full of rejection.

robert kiyosaki and anik singal

The new way to start a business seems to be much easier and allows you to make money from home. That’s right. You don’t to even leave the comfort of your kitchen table. Yes, there are still difficult times and pitfalls, but seeing your dream become a reality is simpler then in my day. The big problem is, it requires technology and that is not my area of expertise. So to teach you one of hundreds of ways to make money from home, I’m bringing in Anik Singal, my friend and partner, to teach you some of the same things he taught my Rich Dad employees.

Anik Singal: The Best Way to Start a Business From Home

We are living in a very interesting time and this is exactly why Robert Kiyosaki has asked me to share with you how I have helped literally hundreds of people from Rich Dad’s community start successful, home-based businesses.

I have been teaching this system for 16 years. It is by far the easiest way I know to make money from home.”

Today, I'm going to share with you one of the easiest ways to start a home-based businesses I teach, and often the most lucrative. What makes it so simple is that it uses nothing except a weird, simple, one-page website and the ability to send email to the people who visit that website. It is the simplest model available.

I have been teaching this system for 16 years. It is by far the easiest way I know to start a  business from home, or anywhere else for that matter. Robert asked me and my company, LURN, to share this because the world needs more entrepreneurs, especially now.

We live in truly crazy times. But that hasn’t stopped my business from growing by 30% in the previous two months. And this isn't by chance. It’s by design.

robert kiyosaki and anik singal

I went through something very similar in 2008 when the economy collapsed. At that time, my company fell apart and I had to discover how to avoid unemployment like hundreds of millions of people around the world are experiencing right now. And I did. I did not only survive, I thrived. I was practically printing money at will by the end of the chaos.

Another thing about the business model I’m going to teach you is that you can make this model work for you without creating products, without chasing clients, without building e-commerce storage, without ranking websites online, without using complex technology, without hiring a team, without having an office and without selling. You can do all of this without any of these things right from your home.

Let’s get to it.

The One Word That I Have Used to Start Multiple 7-Figure Businesses: Email

“Facebook Has 2.23 Billion Active Users”

“Twitter Is Where Everyone Online Is Headed”

“Instagram & Snapchat Are Today’s New Internet Darlings”

You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve felt the buzz. Sure, there are so many awesome new social media sites, apps and Internet sites that are super popular. But there’s still only one undisputed king of generating money online. The same king that’s been on the throne for over 3 decades... EMAIL.

While Facebook has 2.23 billion users and Twitter has 336 million users, email soars past them all with 4.6 billion email addresses and 269 billion emails sent every day.

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That’s 36 emails sent daily for every man, woman and child on this planet. Absolutely insane. But the popularity and widespread use of email is just one reason why it’s still the undisputed king today.

Email Allows You to Be In Complete Control of Your Business, Income and Employment.

Believe me when I say that in my 15+ years online, I’ve tried every possible way under the sun to generate traffic, sales and income. There isn’t another marketing opportunity, search engine or social media platform that gives you the control that email does. Here are just a few examples:

Theft By Google: Years ago, I was generating $600K a year through Google AdWords. I was on top of the world… UNTIL Google shut my account down overnight with ZERO notice. It was like they STOLE $600,000 from me!

Shutdown By Facebook: Just recently, I was kicking butt on Facebook. Sure, I was spending a lot ($5,000+ a day!)… but for every $1 I spent on Facebook advertising, I was bringing in over $2! So, my $5,000 spend would make me about $10,000. Yet, without any warning or explanation, Facebook shut me down.

All together, that’s about $2.4M a year lost because I had no control. That’s not the case with email. You own your email list. Nobody can take it away from you. Not Google, not Facebook, no one. Therefore, building an email list, and marketing to those subscribers, is your safest business model possible. If you continue to grow and nurture your email list, your community will continue to increase your sales and income.

While Facebook has 2.23 billion users and Twitter has 336 million users, email soars past them all with 4.6 billion email addresses and 269 billion emails sent every day.”

Plus, your email list becomes an asset that you’ll keep for the long haul. What could start with a few hundred dollars invested today, can grow to become a few thousand dollars a day in profit within months. Then, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands and more. Over time your email list becomes your most valuable business asset. Not your building, your employees or your brand — your list. You can pass it down this gift of unemployment for generations or even sell it for what could be a 7-figure payday.

How to Start a Business From Home Using Nothing But Email

Today, I have multiple email lists in the hundreds of thousands of responsive, active buyers. These email lists are the reason I’ve been able to enjoy multiple 7-figure businesses. 15 years ago, it was the core of my business. Today, although my business has grown exponentially, email still remains the core of my business. That will never change.

free income workshop

Now, how exactly has email allowed me to create multiple 7-figure businesses? More importantly, how can you start using email to launch and grow the easiest online business system ever created?

My goal was to create the most dumbed-down, easiest, quick-to-implement system that was also incredibly effective.

My amazing 5-Step System that resulted is featured in the diagram below.

how to make money from home

My 5-Step Email Marketing System!

Let’s move on to the next part in this incredible system.

  1. Traffic - Traffic gets a bad rap. My students are always thinking: “It takes soooo long to get decent traffic.” OR “Quality traffic is sooo expensive.” Let’s start here. There are a TON of ways to get traffic. You can get free traffic, paid traffic or even investment traffic. Some can take a lot of time or a lot of money. But there are also so many awesome traffic sources to choose from! So, forget what you thought before. Traffic is easy.

    3 Traffic Solutions!

    Make no mistake, there are so many ways to get high quality traffic to your online business. The 3 types of traffic are:

    • Free Traffic — It can take a considerable amount of time to consistently drive lots of free traffic to your business.

    • Paid Traffic – If you’re not careful, paid traffic can eat through your budget quickly.

    • Investment Traffic – This is the best traffic source. This is what we teach most!

    One of the quickest ways to get quality traffic is from what’s known as email media. It’s simply an online marketplace where you can buy and sell traffic.

    Here’s how it works:

    There already exists tons of databases in different niches, with tons of subscribers. 50,000 in some. 100,000 in others. Even databases with 200,000 or more.

    Many of these people with databases are willing to sell you their clicks. You simply pay for each click or email send.

    The reason I love email media is because the people within these databases are already subscribed to your niche. They’re interested and actively getting emails about it.

    free income workshop

    They’ve taken many steps to become a subscriber. You already know they have a good email address, because they’ve read the subject line, got interested, opened it, read the email, got interested and clicked it. Then went to your site, got interested and gave you their email address.

    There are many email media networks out there, so keep in mind that email media is just one of many places you can go to get free traffic.

    I can’t go into a great amount of detail in a blog, it would take 100s of pages. Don’t worry. I created a free workshop where you can watch that goes into a lot more detail. Just click below.

  2. The One-Page Website - Again, I can sense your hesitation. Believe me, we’ve got you covered! You’ll see in a second. This 1-page website is literally that — 1-Page. It’s called an opt-in page. You see, all of this traffic that you’re going to get will go directly to this opt-in page.

    All you need on this opt-in page is a headline, a few bullet points, an image of something you’re giving away for free (report, checklist, almost anything), and most importantly a simple box to collect your prospects’ email addresses. That’s it!

    Your 1-page opt-in website turns all of that traffic into quality leads. Leads that turn into sales, revenue and profits. There are a lot of companies that make these 1-page opt-in websites. You do not need to know anything about technology. When you join my FREE workshop, you’ll learn a lot more about this and I’ll give you some recommendations for how to create this single page.

  3. Database - Naturally, as you start generating a bunch of email leads, you’ll want to put them into a trusted database. Even better, you’ll want to automatically send emails to all of your new prospects. That’s how you can get a crazy number of sales. This database is called an autoresponder. Simply put, the autoresponder collects all of the email addresses you get.

    Then, when you’re ready, you simply blast out an email to these hundreds (or even thousands) of people. They open them, click a link, and buy. All this while you watch as your sales account grow and grow and grow.

    Don’t worry. You do not need to know anything about technology. When you join my FREE workshop, I’ll explain all of this. And, just like the 1-page website, I’ll recommend some super easy to use autoresponders.

  4. Thank You Page - So, what happens after someone signs up on your 1-page website? The natural next step is to take them to a Thank You Page. Of course, you’re not simply saying “Thank You” on this page. After all, your prospects essentially just raised their hands and said, “Yes, I’m interested in what you have to sell.” So, take advantage of that.

    By simply including a link to an affiliate offer on your Thank You Page, you’ll get as many as 200%, 300% or even 1,000% more sales!. Notice you will take them to an affiliate offer. You don’t even need products. You don’t even need to sell. You put the affiliate link on your page and it takes your customer to a product sales page that you did not make, selling a product that you did not make or have to deliver or support.

    And yes, again, on the FREE webinar I’ll help you find good, reputable affiliates to work with.

  5. Email - There’s a reason it’s called email marketing. Email is how you market, how you connect with your subscribers, and how you make sales. Now, there are 2 types of emails you can send: autoresponders and broadcasts.

    Autoresponders are set up beforehand, and they can be triggered to send out in a sequence. You can set up a week’s or even a month’s or more worth of emails to be sent out to your subscribers.

    Broadcasts are sent out one by one. You manually send these out to your lists for a more personalized, relevant and timely email.

    And there you have it. My simple, yet extremely effective 5-Step Email Marketing System. Of course you will want to know what to write in your emails. I’ll cover that in my FREE workshop, too.

free income workshop

Now, once you kick-start your email marketing business, you’re going to experience 3 stages of sales growth.

Stage 1 – When you get your first couple hundred subscribers. At that point, you’ll have enough to get your first few sales. Now you have a real business. The feeling of your first sale is something that can never be replaced. It builds your confidence. You realize, “Yes! I can do this!” Even your first thousand, first ten thousand or first million can never replace your first sale. It’s that important. That’s Stage 1.

Stage 2 – Then your growth and reinvestment stage. At this point, you’re taking every penny you’re earning and reinvesting it into growing your list. That becomes goal #1 – Grow your list. Then, after you grow your email list a little more and begin to nurture your customers, you’ll notice a new stage... Predictability!

Yep, every day like clockwork, you’ll generate about the same number of sales and revenue. Maybe it’s just $100 a day. Or $250. Or even $1,000 a day. Some days it will be a little higher. Some days lower. But your sales days will be pretty predictable.

Stage 3 – From having an email marketing business to becoming a master email marketer. It’s when you hit stage 3 that you turned the corner. At this stage you still have the predictable income coming in. But then, you also have some crazy-high paydays like $22,000, $400,000 or even $1.1 million, like I did.

What’s great about email marketing is that you don’t always have to create new traffic to make new money. Once you build an email list, you use the same traffic and same list to continue to make money. Then, as that list grows, you make more and more. It’s compounded income. So, as you grow your list, the time you invest actually decreases.

free income workshop

Robert Kiyosaki: How to Start a Business

There are a couple things I want you to notice about Anik’s system.

This is a cash flow based system in a couple ways. Notice how he has you collecting email addresses so you can turn them into money over and over again. It’s similar to how I collect passive income from my rental apartments. I collect money from the renters of those apartments each month.

Just like real estate, these email addresses are run by an automated system. This means the cash flowing in is passive. Just like my apartments. I hire property managers so I do very little of anything for my real estate investments.

Once Anik’s system is up and running, you’ll do very little work in this business and instead focus on starting more and more businesses. Just like I focus on getting more and more apartments.

Another thing I want you to be clear about. Anik has made his system as simple as possible, but it is not easy. He’s been doing this for over a decade and he’s sold over $250 million of products. He’s the perfect teacher, but even he’ll tell you that you have to put the work in. Especially in the beginning.

But if you are willing to do the work, and you want to explore this business strategy, then I recommend you attend Anik’s free workshop.

I started this blog talking about the unemployment rising around the world. I made the case that the only one winning is the business owner. If you agree, taking advantage of the digital era and the new way to become an entrepreneur is something you should consider. It does not have to be with Anik or any of my partners. There are a lot of teachers out there. Just make sure you are following a mentor you can trust.

Original publish date: June 15, 2020

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