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6 Tips to Standing Out When Selling on Amazon

The power of selling on Amazon and why it’s right for you

This month, I’ve talked a lot about being a digital entrepreneur. A lot of people are probably intrigued with the idea of selling products online, but it can also seem a little overwhelming to start.

Questions that go through people’s minds are:

- Where do I start?

- What technology will I need?

- How do I get people to find me and my product?

- Won’t it cost a lot of money to get inventory and build an e-commerce site?

You’re probably not an e-commerce expert. And you probably don’t have piles of cash sitting around ready to be invested into building an online business. The good news is that to be successful, you don’t have to.

Brad DeGraw has invested a lot of time working with us at Rich Dad to teach us his methods for selling on You may not have known this, but anyone can set up as a retailer on Amazon, and if you do it right you can make a lot of money.

The advantages of Amazon

In fact, there are a lot of advantages to selling on Amazon. As Brad says:

Amazon is fantastic because all the most difficult pieces of e-commerce, Amazon takes care of those headaches for you. You don't have to be a traffic specialist; you don't have to master SEO. As far as shipping and logistics they handle everything for you. They come with credibility. Everyone understands Amazon. All the customers, hundreds of millions of people, are right online ready to buy with their credit card. It makes the business very easy. Your biggest role in your business is having that great idea and doing the market research. That's why I love Amazon because they take care of all of the heavy lifting, all the most difficult parts. They let me do the easy part.

As Brad indicates, the real success on Amazon comes not with being an e-commerce expert, but with having a great product idea and doing your market research. We’ll cover what that looks like in next week’s blog post, so stay tuned.

You Need to Stand Out Above the Competition!

There is another component to success, however, and that is standing above your competition in your listing. Here are six tips and tricks to get you on the path to outdoing your competition:

1. Keyword Title Optimization

Always lead your Amazon title with your best keyword phrase, not your brand name.

2. Premium Product Pictures

Amazon allows you up to eight product pictures. Be sure to use every single picture that you possibly can. Use all eight of them, and make them professional.

3. Key Product Features

Amazon allows sellers to list their five key product features as bullet points directly underneath your product title. Use all five to express your key features and benefits.

4. Product Descriptions that Sell

Amazon gives you 2,000 characters to let you focus on identifying a problem that the consumer is facing, and then address how your product solves that problem.

5. Product Reviews to Build Customer Relationships

Amazon’s mission is to be a world class, customer-based company. Take advantage of that, and encourage reviews. Also, make sure to respond to all feedback no matter if it is positive or negative. Amazon will reward you.

6. Communication Is Part of Customer Service

Good and bad customer service creates word-of-mouth moments. And customer service affects your sales, because it affects your Amazon position—both positively and negatively.

Original publish date: June 21, 2016

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