Go From Tragedy to Triumph

When I was a young man I volunteered to serve my country in Vietnam. There were times when I saw terrible destruction and carnage. What I also saw was the resilience of the human spirit. The unwillingness to accept defeat and the universal instinct to survive, rebuild and prosper.

I am watching this same thing in Fort McMurray, Canada as we speak.

Yes, there is chaos and destruction as the largest wildfires burn through the northern country. Yes, lives are being changed forever and it is hard to see the purpose or silver lining.

I also see the human spirit growing and the community bonding. My advisor Darren Weeks, right now, is housing 20 displaced people as they search for help and search for hope. These brave people are not wallowing in their misery. They have not turned into victims. These people are fighters and they are not just fighting for themselves, they are fighting for each other and for their community.

I know destruction of homes, comforts, and businesses are devastating. From every wildfire comes fertile ground. And so it is with people. Every disaster makes us stronger. Every devastation grows community and spirit and even money.

I feel the pain, but there is a lesson here too.

Some of you in Fort McMurray have followed the Rich Dad advice. You have businesses that do not rely on you being there running them. You’re investments are run by other people and using other people’s money. If this is you, I am so glad. You can be there in Fort McMurray and help rebuild. You do not have the added stress of trying to rebuild your life and your investments. Your time and focus can allow you to be in Fort McMurray helping family, friends and neighbors instead of worrying about income.

There are many of you though who did not follow the Rich Dad advice. Your house was your greatest “asset” and now it is gone. I do not write this to discourage you, but there to uplift you.

It is not too late. As you rebuild your lives and businesses, keep the Rich Dad principles in mind. You have a fresh canvas and you have the knowledge. Rebuild your life knowing what truly is an asset and what is a liability. Rebuild with the mindset of the B and I side of the CASHFLOW Quadrant.

It isn’t over. Nothing is over. You have a new beginning. And those who already built their foundation on the Rich Dad principles will be there to help you and mentor you. The human spirit is so strong. And because of your adversity…

The spirit in Fort McMurray is now one of the strongest in the world.

I won’t wish you luck. When you embrace this spirit you will have already won.

*Note: If anyone wishes to send a donation to help these survivors Click here to donate to the Red Cross. You can also donate $5 by texting “REDCROSS” to 30333. The Alberta and federal governments have said they’ll match private donations to the Red Cross.

** If you have a distrust of organizations, especially charity organizations, consider helping at this link: This is my Advisor and longtime friend Darren Week’s fund page. 100% of all funds will go to help those in need.

Original publish date: May 05, 2016

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