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Transformation vs. Information

What you really need to succeed in life

Two weeks ago Robert, I and several Rich Dad Advisors were invited to speak on a seminar cruise. The ship sailed to Belize, Mexico and Honduras. The seven-day cruise was organized by The Real Estate Guys who have an educational, weekly radio show on the subject of, you guessed it, real estate.

What’s great about teaching is that I always learn something, usually unexpected, about either the subject of my talk or in the presentation of it. In this case I learned on both fronts. The greatest take away for me, however, was defining what Rich Woman and Rich Dad do and what business we are in.

It’s not just financial education.

When someone asks me, “What’s your business?” I typically reply, “We have a financial education company.” Yet I know inside that “financial education” really does not fully define what we do. When I say, “We’re in financial education.” most people immediately think of financial or retirement planning, which is far removed from who we are.

People who come to Rich Woman and Rich Dad do not come to have their financial plans tweaked. They come to have their financial lives transformed. They read our books, play CASHFLOW®, attend our classes, and hire coaches and mentors because they are ready to make a change in their lives... the key word being change.

Looking around the cruise ship I saw our group of 200 participants attending classes, having spirited conversations, studying together, brainstorming and truly excited about what they were learning. Then I looked at the other 4000 passengers on board. The difference I saw between to the two groups was that most of the 4000 cruise members were there for a vacation. They wanted a temporary break from their everyday life. The 200 participants in our seminar group were there for a transformation. They wanted a life-long change to their current lives.

Many teachers offer information. They give you the data, the facts and figures, the theory, and, of course, the top 10 things you must know. They present a lot of information. But information alone will not get you to your dreams and life goals. It takes more than that. It takes transformation.

What is transformation?

It’s a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. It’s an acorn that grows into a tree. It’s a dramatic, ideally positive, change. And that is what Rich Woman and Rich Dad is all about.

As my friend, JW Wilson says, “Information does not cause transformation.” So what causes transformation? It’s one thing – DOING. You have to DO something, take action, move! As Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” You can read all the books, attend every seminar, play CASHFLOW® every day but until you actually go do something - put what you’ve learned into practice - nothing will change.

In my life for me to go from an employee of a magazine to a self-employed businesswoman took a transformation within me. I had to transform my thinking and my priorities. As an employee my priority was working hard and making my boss happy. As a small business person, my priority was keeping my business alive, paying my vendors and making a profit.

To go from self-employed, where I ran most things, to owning a business that runs on systems and other people’s time and talents, took a whole new level of transformation. To go from poor to middle class, a person must go through a transformation… as is the case going from middle class to rich.

The thinking, the priorities and the actions must change.

So if DOING or taking action must occur for a transformation to take place, then what prevents transformation? Fear. Fear of making a mistake. Fear of being uncomfortable. Fear of looking stupid. Fear of whatever it is for you. That is what prevents someone from taking the information they’ve learned and putting it into practice. Fear is what keeps people stuck where they are, unable to change and grow.

The simple act of taking information that you’ve learned and applying that information in the real world is the difference between where you are and where you want to be.

When in doubt just go do something.

I remember when Robert and I were homeless in the 1980’s. I was depressed, lethargic and feeling sorry for myself. The moment I decided to go do something, to get into action, my life changed. It is true that action always beats inaction.

So the question I pose to you is, “What in your life do you need to change to bring you closer to your financial dreams? To your life dreams?” What do you need to do to create a transformation in your life?

For me, all I’m working towards is my next transformation! Because as we say at The Rich Dad Company, “If you are not growing, then you are dying.” I plan to keep on growing until the day I die.

Here’s to all the butterflies!

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Original publish date: April 25, 2012