To Elevate the Financial Well-Being of Humanity

The purpose of a business is to solve a problem. The problem we saw was that there was no financial education in our school system, globally. We took on the task of bringing real financial education to people throughout the world.

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How Fast Can You Become A Millionaire?

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Fake Money Is Making You Poorer! Why Savers are LOSERS

In this episode, I walk you through a brief history lesson so you don't fall into the trap of FAKE MONEY. The lessons I teach on fake money, fake teachers, and fake assets are essential to learn in order to make sure you can grow richer in a world that has and continues to change.

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How to Go from Poor To Rich

Join Kim as she interviews Anne Marie Smith who talks about the difficulties she experienced after her painful divorce, her journey towards success, and how clarifying your vision is the first and most important step towards reaching your goals.

Anne Marie Smith

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