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Why The Rich Go Broke

John McGregor, JW Wilson

September 14, 2019|58min

Acquiring wealth doesn’t guarantee that you will remain rich. John MacGregor & JW Wilson join Robert & Kim to discuss their research into why people lose fortunes. The lessons apply to rich people as well as middle class people.

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How Political Correctness Sabotages Success - David Goggins, Josh Lannon

Navigating the PC culture not only presents ever changing obstacles to business owners, it threatens success. David Goggins joins Robert to discuss his war against political correctness. WARNING: This episode contains adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

How Technology Impacts Real Estate Investing - Ken McElroy


Big Tech is quickly changing the landscape of real estate investing. Ken McElroy joins Robert to discuss the opportunities and risks technology presents to the investor.

The Resilient Entrepreneur - Mike Lindell


Successful entrepreneurs demonstrate grit & resilience. Mike Lindell joins Robert & Kim to discuss his remarkable journey inventing My Pillow. This is a story of drugs, theft, betrayal, and ultimately, dreams being fulfilled.

How To Keep Your Business Vibrant & Competitive - Safi Bahcall


Focus on the structure of your business to neutralize office politics and maximize production. Safi Bahcall joins Robert & Kim to discuss his experience in creating business structures that reward creativity and results instead of rank.

How To Achieve Success Later In Life - Rich Karlgaard


The school system & helicopter parents create a culture that values early success and discourages late bloomers. Rich Karlgaard joins Robert & Kim to discuss his research into a flawed system that rewards early achievement and discourages later accomplishments. This is a must-listen episode for parents.

Find Out What The Top Performing Real Estate Investment Is - Victor Menasce


Assisted living is a growing and top-performing investment. Victor Menasce joins Robert & Kim to offer a detailed look into his lucrative career investing in the assisted living sector.

Find Out Why Your #1 Asset Is The Customer - Horst Schulze


Acquiring customers requires time and money. Successful businesses know how to acquire AND retain customers to maximize profits. Horst Schulze, the founder of Ritz Carlton Hotels, joins Robert & Kim to discuss his systems for acquiring and retaining customers, and ultimately succeeding in a very competitive environment.

How Smart Investors Protect Their Assets - Jim Rickards


The increasing intersection of geopolitics and economics presents new challenges to investors. Jim Rickards joins Robert & Kim to discuss his latest work into predictive analytics. Find out the real risks to your wealth and separate the hype from what’s important.

Why Gold Loves Cheap Money - Dana Samuelson, Brien Lundin


Investing in gold & silver is an insurance policy against a collapse of the financial system. Robert & Kim speak to Dana Samuelson and Brien Lundin about their work in the precious metals sector. Find out what economic risks lurk in these uncertain times, and what role gold & silver holds in the global marketplace.

Why A Global Recession Is Unlikely - Mohamed El-Erian


Mohamed El-Erian joins Robert & Kim with analysis of global markets and economic trends. Find out why El-Erian is optimistic about the US economy and more concerned about Europe’s economy.

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