The Good News—And Bad News—About Money

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“Macro Addict” Reveals His Prediction for Gold, Bitcoin, and the Economy

Guest(s): George Gammon

George Gammon discusses why gold wins and what you should be doing now (regardless of who wins the election!) with hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.


The Real Crash: What is Warren Buffett Trying to Tell Us?

Guest(s): Peter Schiff

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Peter Schiff to discuss if Buffett's quiet moves are an indication of something bigger.


Economic Virus

Guest(s): Bert Dohmen

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bert Dohmen discuss an impending depression, what is causing major changes in the stock market and the current money supply.


Super Bubble

Guest(s): Harry Dent, Stan Harley

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests Harry Dent and Stan Harley join the Rich Dad Radio Show to discuss how the greatest bubble in history is about to go bust.


Killing Capitalism: The U.S. is Suffering from Economic Martial Law

Guest(s): David Stockman

David Stockman joins Robert and Kim Kiyosaki to discuss "Economic Martial Law" and just how close the U.S. is to total collapse.


Current State of the Union: A Candid View Inside Washington D.C.

Guest(s): General Jack Bergman

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki speak with guest Jack Bergman about why exercising your right to vote is the most important thing you can do.


Political Tactics: Taxation, Stagflation, Devaluation

Guest(s): Tom Wheelwright

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki discuss the political tactics being used to sway constituents this election cycle Rich Dad Tax Advisor, Tom Wheelwright.


Family, Loyalty, Business: Eric Trump on Growing Up in the Trump Family

Guest(s): Eric Trump

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki speak with guest Eric Trump about how discipline and respect shaped his business ethics and the future of business in U.S.


Wolves of Wall Street

Guest(s): John MacGregor, Ted Siedle

Ted Siedle and John MacGregor join Robert Kiyosaki to discuss how agencies who have promised to protect our financial interests are taking greater risks.


On and Off the Field: One Athlete’s Philosophy on Giving Back

Guest(s): Devon Kennard

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki speak with guest Devon Kennard about the importance financial education and giving back to your community.