The Good News—And Bad News—About Money

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The Most Misunderstood Commodity: Carbon Credits

Guest(s): Marin Katusa

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Marin Katusa discuss the most misunderstood commodity, and how to get rich by investing in the environment.


BiggerPockets: Zillow’s Flips that Flopped

Guest(s): Brandon Turner and David Greene

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guests David Greene and Brandon Turner discuss the latest in real estate and the best opportunities ahead in 2022.


Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid

Guest(s): Peter Grandich

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Peter Grandich discuss market manipulation and the government’s addiction to printing money.


Betting Against the Fed

Guest(s): Jay Martin

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by guest Jay Martin to discuss what’s happening in the commodities markets and why the dollar is toast and why you should move your “money” into better money.


Timeshares: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Guest(s): Tom Wheelwright and Henri Moreau

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by guests Henri Moreau and Tom Wheelwright to discuss what a timeshare is, the pitfalls of timeshares, and the tax implications.


The Mindset of a Real Estate Investor

Guest(s): Robert Helms and Russell Grey

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by The Real Estate Guys, Robert Helms, and Russell Gray to discuss their 25 years of experience and how the mindset of a real estate investor separates the winners from the losers.


Gold Reserves on the Decline

Guest(s): David Garofalo

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest David Garofalo discuss what the declining gold reserves mean for the future of gold mining and its price.


Failed Policies

Guest(s): Sheriff Mark Lamb

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Sheriff Mark Lamb discuss the failed policies of the Biden administration and the impacts on the Southern Border of the United States.


The Fed is Out of Control

Guest(s): Dr. Ron Paul

Hosts Robert & Kim Kiyosaki and guest Dr. Ron Paul discuss how the U.S. and its bad economic philosophies have created monetary addiction leading to the largest asset bubble in history.


The Blueprint for Financial Freedom

Guest(s): Ken McElroy

Robert Kiyosaki and Real Estate Advisor Ken McElroy share their experiences of starting small and leveraging repeatable strategies to control over $1 Billion in real estate and over 10,000 properties.