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Pulling Back the Veil of the Modern World of Banking

Nomi Prins

January 15, 2020|41min

In this week's episode, we’re talking with Nomi Prins, author of the book "Collusion". As a Wall Street insider, Nomi got a firsthand look at how the US and the Fed created a massive financial problem, both at home and abroad. We discuss the truth behind how world banks are facilitating this crisis and what average Americans can do to protect their money.

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Learning How to Reduce Your Taxes, the Legal Way - Tom Wheelwright



In this episode, Robert and Kim talk with Tom Wheelwright, the Rich Dad Advisor on taxes. If you’re anything like us, you hate giving any money to the government. Discover how to reduce your taxes... legally.

Life's Manifesto - Dr. Brett McCabe



The world at large is not a zero sum game, and why truly competitive people are people who compete with themselves more than anyone is sports psychologist, motivational speaker and author of The MindSide Manifesto, Dr. Brett McCabe, joins Robert in this episode of the Rich Dad Radio Show.

The State of the World and the Coming Crisis - Doug Casey



Economies run in bubbles, they expand and then burst. Is our current economy about to burst? In this week's episode, Robert speaks with Doug Casey, a contrarian investor with decades of experience building wealth during times of crisis. Find out what you can do to protect your wealth and even build wealth in uncertain times.

Build Your Brand - Amanda Miller Littlejohn



This week, Kim interviews a (“Package Your Genius - 5 Steps to Build Your Most Powerful Personal Brand”), Amanda Miller Littlejohn. Amanda is also the founder of Package Your Genius Academy, assists high achievers make themselves and their work visible in the digital age.

Success Formula - Anne Marie Smith



Join Kim as she interviews Anne Marie Smith who talks about the difficulties she experienced after her painful divorce, her journey towards success, and how clarifying your vision is the first and most important step towards reaching your goals.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job - Cathy Heller


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The Good and Bad News About Real Estate Investing - Robert Helms, Russ Gray


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The Case Against Education - Bryan Caplan


An insider’s look at how the education system rips off taxpayers and underserves students. Bryan Caplan joins Robert with a revealing look into the college system.

How to Build Trust - Joel Peterson


Creating a culture of trust within a business is vital to success. Joel Peterson joins Robert & Kim to discuss how businesses successfully build and maintain trust.

How Money Became Dangerous - Chris Varelas


Banks around the world have made money adversarial. Chris Varelas joins Robert & Kim to discuss the perils of modern-day money, and how you can protect your wealth.

The Biggest MIistake In Banking History Is Happening Today - Bert Dohmen


Negative interest rate policy is pushing markets into never-before-seen territory. Bert Dohmen joins Robert to discuss the risks of this policy, and how you can navigate these uncharted waters.

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