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Ready to test your knowledge against AI? Follow the simple steps below for cash flow supremacy!

  1. Go to the game page here.

  2. Select the region where you want to join or create a game.

  3. Once you select your region, you'll be asked to choose a game or create your own. Click the white box next to the AI label near the bottom of the screen as seen in the image below.

  4. You'll be prompted to enter your email. Once you login, check your inbox for the subject line cashflow login code.

  5. Copy the 6-digit code and paste it into dialogue box back on the game screen and click SEND.

Release Notes

  • A.I. bots
    January 16, 2024
  • Translate into Spanish; Minor bug fixes
    December 11, 2023

Upcoming Releases

  • Private games

After years of development, the Rich Dad team is super excited to unveil our new online game...

What is it?

CASHFLOW+ is a fresh take on the award-winning board game developed by Rich Dad co-founders Robert and Kim Kiyosoki back in 1996.

To take advantage of breakthroughs in technology, we created a proprietary platform for CASHFLOW+. This new technology allows players to learn in a digital environment without borders or restraints.

Join others around the world who want to learn how to invest without the risk of losing any money.

Play with like-minded people on your desktop computer or handheld device anywhere in the world 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance… build your business… buy your first real estate investment deal… play the stock market… all from within a safe learning environment of your choosing.

Simulate the same investing strategies that allowed Robert and Kim to get out of the Rat Race and into early retirement.

Why did we do it?

In 1994, Robert and Kim became financially free. Many people assumed they had amassed millions of dollars in savings but that was not the case. Their goal was simple: have more money coming in every month from investments, than was going out in living expenses.

At that point they were free. Their money was working hard for them, instead of them working hard for their money.

The more people we serve, the more effective we become.

People kept asking them, “How did you do it?” “Can you teach me to do that?”

Their challenge then became how do they teach people to do what they did to become financially free, without having to travel all over the world telling people.

They asked themselves, “What if we could combine investing, one of the scarier subjects when it comes to money, and accounting, probably the most boring subjects, and create a fun and entertaining board game that teaches people exactly what we did?” That way the board game travels, so they don’t have to.

Thus began the development of CASHFLOW 101. After helping millions of people learn the basics of financial education not taught in schools, Rich Dad took CASHFLOW to the online world with CASHFLOW Classic in 2013.

That game helped millions more gain a fundamental knowledge of their finances and launch them from the Rat Race and into the Fast Track.