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2019 Holiday Greetings from Rich Dad

The "true" story of how CASHFLOW the board game came to be

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It was the night of a holiday,
Warm and cozy in the house.
All were asleep,
Except for one furious mouse.

He paced and he paced
Mumbled and rude.
He furrowed his brow,
He was in no holiday mood.

"I’ve looked at their bills
And I’ve heard their cries
Yet when the holidays come,
They keep their fears inside,

"They spend and spend and buy silly frills,
Like stupid talking fish without any gills.

"Doodads upon doodads, that’s all they buy,
It saddens me they use the holiday as an excuse to justify."

The angry mouse’s mutterings
Grew louder and louder
At its peak it awoke,
His friends from restful slumber.

The other mice did not care
Because choosing to be broke is a human affair.
If people wanted doodads, good for them
Last they heard, it’s not a crime to be dumb.

But the other mice grew tired of the angry mouse’s racket
They told him to be quiet or they’d give him a straight jacket

Angry mouse suddenly stopped, he knew they were right,
Talking was cheap, he strategized to fight.

"Toys were great," he said, but they were hardly brave.
"Urika!", he exclaimed,
"I would teach them to save!"

If they wouldn't do so by choice,
He would convince them to rejoice.

The angry mouse would take the subject of money, once the ire of all,
And make a financial board game, not a train or a ball.

So he got out his paper and cardboard and old glue,
Gathered some crayons and a ruler, he knew what to do!

He wrote down the lessons and wisdom he wanted to share,
This gift would express how much he truly cares.

After a few days, he was finished with his ploy,
He disguised financial education to look like a toy!

Grab this game to play with family and friends,
You'll learn how to earn and save and spend.

You'll learn about money, investing and yourself,
Then implement what you know to build personal wealth.

CASHFLOW the board game is the perfect present,
The angry mouse would boast to end people's malcontent.

Now it was time to rest his little head,
He was tired and sleepy and wanted his bed.

The next morning he awoke and his eyes quickly teared,
For he saw the family playing his gift and learning about money, completely unimpaired.

There was no fear as they learned, only laughter and jeers,
They were growing their minds for all to hear.

The scary topic of money was creating effervescent joy,
While at the same time breaking the mental chains that where keeping them employed.

The family played through the day and throughout the night,
They learned to rely on themselves and to grow to new heights.

Our little mouse was so pleased because he taught them to be free.
If he could get this game to everyone, he would no longer be angry.

Happy Holidays,
The Rich Dad Team

Original publish date: November 25, 2019

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