The Friends of Rich Dad

Since The Rich Dad Company’s inception in 1997, there have been many partners, educators, and friends that were made along the way. Today, almost two decades later, Rich Dad has the great fortune to continue to have relationships with powerful entrepreneurs, economists, investors, media personalities, and market analysts. As The Rich Dad Company learns from its friends, it passes on the lessons to its community.

Donald Trump photo

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a well-known personality with his TV shows numerous real-estate development projects. He and Robert Kiyosaki first paired up at speaking engagements in Australia. With similar ideologies regarding money and investing, they co-authored two books, Why We Want You to be Rich and The Midas Touch.

The Real Estate Guys

The Real Estate Guys

Russell Gray and Robert Helms host the most popular real-estate investment talk show in the US. Robert Kiyosaki thoroughly enjoys their candid approach to real estate and educating their listeners. Robert Kiyosaki is often a guest on their show and has had them in his own studio for special events.

R. Craig Coppola

R. Craig Coppola

Craig Coppola is a longtime personal friend of the Kiyosaki’s. They first met through a mutual partner and became great personal friends and investing partners in various real-estate development deals. Craig has released his first Rich Dad Library book, How to Win in Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Bert Dohmen photo

Bert Dohmen

Bert Dohmen is the founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute and Robert has been a longtime reader of Dohmen’s Wellington Letter. Often providing a contrarian viewpoint, Dohmen has become a regular guest on the Rich Dad Radio Show providing a sobering, yet realistic viewpoint on the economy.

Richard Duncan photo

Richard Duncan

Richard Duncan is the author of The Dollar Crisis and Corruption of Capitalism, chief economist, and former consultant to the IMF. Following the 2008 economic crisis, Robert and Duncan came together to share their insights on the economic future and how to prepare. Duncan is currently a guest blogger on


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