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Believe in What You Sell

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Over the past 28 years, I have done countless workshops that focused on helping people enhance their sales skills.  All of them deal with both personal and business development skills.  However, there are no skills that I can teach which will surmount the obstacle sales people are challenged with when they don’t believe in the very products or services they are offering.

Truly effective sales people solve people’s problems.  If you don’t believe that what you are selling solves problems, why would your prospect?  To SKY ROCKET your sales, you need to be able to be congruent on the inside (what you think and feel) with what you say and do on the outside. 

Prospects will see you as more passionate, convincing, compelling and trustworthy if you are truly feel those things.  If you have no passion for what you are selling, it can be difficult to fake it unless your second profession is as an actor!

Do you believe in what you are selling?  Do you truly feel that you can serve others and help them with the solutions you provide?  If you are lukewarm in your answer, is there research you could do on your competition’s and your own products and/or services to help you learn more about why your offering is actually a wonderful solution that truly enhances other people’s lives?

If you don’t believe in your products or services at all, especially after doing research to get you more fired up about them… then I suggest you consider finding something to sell that DOES fire you up.  You will be doing a service to yourself (you will be happier, more congruent and ultimately more successful); your customers (you will be solving their problems) and your current company (they want to work with people that believe in their products and are going to actually sell them!).

So, love what you sell and it will make it easier to love to sell….and you will be much happier and more profitable in the process! 

Original publish date: October 23, 2012

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