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Watch Out: China Gate Is Coming and Blockchain Will Be Its Weapon

If you feel safe, you shouldn’t. It looks like Biden just brought this to the United States with Executive order 14067.

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There are two things I want to address with you in this short blog:

  • The threat that blockchain has been turned against us and

  • Be aware and watch out for China Gate

Has blockchain been turned against us?

The miracle of blockchain was supposed to free us from government manipulations.

It was supposed to bring money back to the common people, not just the rich.

It's done that but it's also done something else too.

It gave the government the perfect tool to spy on us and worse…

Control us.

Introducing Biden’s Executive Order 14067, officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.

This executive order is very different from “online banking,” and would possibly give the government the ability to punish citizens for any contribution, purchase, or even social media comment they don’t like.

Watch out for China Gate

I call it “China Gate” and it's already hitting America. It is the scariest thing I have ever seen.

As you probably know, China has attached Social Scores to their citizens' behaviors.

Do what China wants you to do and you will be left alone.

Do anything else and you will get your rights taken away, freedoms minimized, and money frozen.

How does China track it all? Digital Money.

If you feel safe, you shouldn’t. It looks like Biden just brought this to the United States with Executive order 14067.

My friend, James Rickards, former advisor to the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, the CIA, and the Department of Defense says, “This would dramatically expand the power and influence of the federal government… essentially acting as a new type of “spyware”.

Jim Rickards is a regular on my podcast. I’ve studied his brilliant books and respect his opinion immensely.

Listen to what he’s warning below.

One note on transparency: I am a sponsor of Jim and his products. I sponsor Jim because I believe in him. He has special information to share…

Biden to introduce “Biden Bucks”?

Dear American citizen,

I believe President Biden plans to retire the US dollar we know…

…and replace it with a digital “spyware” currency.

Your US dollars could be confiscated – or made worthless.

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Jim Rickards

Economist; Former advisor to Pentagon and CIA

P.S. Update: It is underway. On March 9, Biden signed Executive Order 14067, which could pave the way for the new US currency I call Biden Bucks. AOC tweeted her support. Dems could use this to hold onto power indefinitely. Please view this warning now.

Original publish date: January 23, 2023

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