Today’s cluster of crises is really a crisis in Education (which we can resolve together)

Today’s cluster of crises is really a crisis in Education (which we can resolve together)

We got a lot of crises going on -- pandemic, financial, social, environmental and economic.

In my frustration, I realized there's just really one major crisis, which is the cause of most of these crises.

It's a crisis of education.

That's right. There is not one problem that we face that we have ever faced as a human race that could not be resolved by people who can put their heads together, work in teams and learn from each other.

Most of us grew up in a system where that just wasn't the case. Collaboration was called cheating. If you couldn't do it on your own, you're weak. We were told: There were good questions and stupid questions. Mistakes are horrible things. The more mistakes you make, the more of an idiot you are.

The truth is, as an entrepreneur, you know that those are the secrets to success. The more you fail, the more you learn and the more you grow. Many of you know me as Rich Dad Advisor and author of Team Code of Honor: The Secrets of Champions in Business and In Life.

But I made a commitment 10 years ago that if there's one thing that I could do to contribute, it would be to create great teachers and leaders -- people that really know how to teach in two areas.

Number one, real teachers that have been there, done that. Not fake teachers, but real teachers. Real entrepreneurs in business know what they're doing and have been through crises before.

Even more important, you need to teach people the art and the method of true education that many of our forefathers knew many, many years ago.

Once we got into a compulsory public education system, that went away. True education was sacrificed for compliance.

  • Be good.

  • Do as you're told.

  • Don't make mistakes.

Like I said, there's not one problem out there that cannot be solved by people who come together, think clearly without egos involved and collaborate. Over 10 years, I've helped thousands of people become world-class teachers, leaders and facilitators.

That’s not because of what you're teaching, but just by the way you teach. It's an art form. If you want to go on that journey, I have some great videos you can start looking at it. I’ll be sharing my insights with you because right now the world needs great teachers and leaders more than ever.

The way you lead, you facilitate by putting people into teams, getting them to collaborate, knowing how to handle mistakes and turn them into learning experiences. By knowing how to find the best in people and demand, not entice, but demand the best out of them and bring their values in their integrity, that's an art form.

There are some great people that I've worked with around the world that are doing some amazing things. And you know what? Right now, this pandemic, this crisis treating them very, very well financially.


Because not because of their content, because they know how to teach it.

How do I know this is true? Because nine weeks ago, a little virus, COVID-19, flipped the entire global education system on its backside over 1.6 billion children getting no education.

Maybe my process was too slow but I'll say it again: There is not a problem that we can't fix.

You don’t need to learn that your self-worth is equal to your net worth or your self-worth is equal to the grade on your report card or the more mistakes you make, the more of an idiot you are.

All that nonsense, that’s bullshit. That’s what got us into this mess.

The few smart people are now running Wall Street corporations amok. They're getting rich as the whole world is going down the toilet. Why? Because we need good teachers.

Now I'm not pounding on school teachers because God knows their hearts are in the right place. But even the best ones soon realized that they had to comply with a system that wasn't going to even allow them to do what they knew they had to do intuitively. If you want to be a great teacher and you agree with me, please follow that path.

I'm going to continue my quest until the day I drop to create the best teachers, leaders and facilitators in the world, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship, particularly with those of you that have important knowledge and experience to share.

Don't worry about the content. It's the way you teach it. It's the way you get people to co-operate and the way you transform the way a person thinks. The world needs you, my friend. If you've got important knowledge and experience to share, it's your time. It's our time.

You've been preparing for it your whole life.

Be awesome.

Original publish date: June 17, 2020