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Your Customers are the Hero’s

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Businesses today are eager to tell you how great they are. “Look at our awards”, “We’re voted #1” and so on.

We are shifting from the broadcast era where people were consumers of ideas, not participants in spreading them, to the digital era, where people are now in charge of the ideas and passing them along.

In the digital era, social networking is changing the way we do business. We get to shift our focus off of us, the business, and back to them, the customer.

When marketing (telling a story) about your business, make the customer the hero. Everyone loves a good story of how an ordinary person faced the odds, overcame challenges and became the hero.

The businesses new roll in the story is to be the mentor that guided the hero along the way.

Here’s an example:

Sam, a successful businessman dedicated his life to building a great family business. He worked for over 15 years day and night to provide for his family and someday retiring, handing off the business to his children.

The challenge was that over the years, the daily pressures of owning a business had really gotten to him. He ended his day by drinking to relax, disconnect and deal with the daily pressures. Sam’s nightly ritual slowly overtime, became the way he ended his day and now began his day too. Sam’s drinking had taken control over him.

Sam’s family was very concerned as they watched a successful businessman, their Dad and devoted husband drift further and further away.

Drinking began to take precedence over everyday living. Sam’s family was at their wits end after his second DUI. Not knowing what to do, a trusted friend recommend a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation program called Journey Healing Centers.

Sam knew that he wanted to stop drinking but just did not know how. He agreed to check into rehab and began the Journey.

Today, Sam just celebrated 1 year of sobriety. His business is back on track and growing, Sam’s relationship with his kids and co-workers are better then ever and wife is so thankful that she called Journey Healing Centers and got the person she loves back.

When promoting your business, make your customers the hero’s. Because you know what, they really are!

Original publish date: February 13, 2013

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