The Only Thing That Defeats Resistance by Blair Singer

The Only Thing That Defeats Resistance

There is nothing resistance hates more than action. So, take it!

There’s a big difference between who you are and who you want to be. The chasm between the two often times seem insurmountable. Between work, family and any number of other obligations, we often lose sight of who it is we want to become.

But if you’re honest with yourself, it’s not the negative self-talk we’ve been discussing that ultimately determines your destiny. It’s not how much money you have nor how much time you spend being introspective that will determine your success or happiness. No, what ultimately matters is facing your resistance.

Fear, Meet Resistance

It’s easy to name things we’re afraid of. There have been numerous studies done that place things like public speaking, losing someone we love, and even death itself at the top our list of fears.

But it’s not fear itself that stops us from pursuing our dreams.

In my experience working with some of the highest performers in the world of business and entrepreneurship, it’s facing resistance itself that separates who we are from who we want to be.

Let’s say you run a small, service-based business. Maybe you run a small marketing agency, business consultancy, or graphic design studio. For the most part, you can perform your duties at home with nothing but your computer and internet connection.

However, you may need to attend networking events or engage in speaking engagements to help grow your business. If you are afraid of public speaking, you can easily talk yourself out of pursuing such type of events. To rationalize not attending one of those events, you may say to yourself, “I’m too busy. I don’t have time to research and prepare a speech. And honestly, I’m not that good anyway. No one would know or care about what I plan on talking about anyway.”

Those statements simply aren’t true. But we believe them anyway because of the value we place on ourselves.

Continuing with our example above, there are millions of small-business owners around the world. Each and every one of those business owners is desperately trying to outperform their competition. If you run a marketing agency or business consultancy, there isn’t a business owner alive who wouldn’t love to know the latest trends in online marketing or how to better optimize their operations. If you’re failing to confront and breakthrough your resistance it's not you that you’re failing but them.

And where does this false perception of our value come from? Ourselves, of course.

That same part of you that’s feeding your negative self-image can just as easily pump you up and build your confidence.

All of those chores that could easily be put off to another day are stopping you from writing the speech, the book, the business, and the life that you want. But that’s not the worst of it. The worst part is that whatever you are resisting to even start could positively touch the lives of thousands of people.

“It’s already been done before. I’m not unique. I don’t have anything to really contribute to society.”

Sound familiar?

All of those little statements have a compounding effect on our confidence. They slowly erode any momentum we start to build.

That’s why taking action is so important.

You’re right, you’re not going to get a 200-page book written in one sitting. But that 200-page book is composed of several chapters each broken down into numerous sections and subsections. Suddenly that monumental document that will take days worth of time to complete is broken down into a few pages that could be written today before you go to bed.

My point is not to encourage you to write a book or get on stage to deliver a speech. You have something great you are meant to offer this world and it’s not your family obligations or upbringing that’s stopping you from pursuing it, your failure to confront your own resistance is.

Do you want to learn more about conquering your resistance, grab a copy of my book, Little Voice Mastery.

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