How to Get What You Want

How to Get What You Want

The power of the Triple-A Triangle to achieve your dreams

We all have hopes and dreams. They start when we’re young: “I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up!” And they continue through our adolescence and into adulthood. Our hopes and dreams often define us. But there is a huge difference between having dreams and actually achieving them. The question is, how do you get what you want in life?

The truth is that you cannot have what you want unless you do something. It’s impossible. Think of some “wants” in your life. Maybe it’s success, wealth, or health. In order to accomplish any one of those goals requires that you do something. Success requires accomplishments. Wealth requires delivering a product or service that someone is willing to buy. Health requires eating well and exercising.

Whatever you have is a result of what you do.

The definition of do is “to perform, to execute, to accomplish, to exert, to be the cause of.” There are three types of doing that are necessary to reach a goal. I call this the Triple-A Triangle. Some women start, but do not reach, their financial goals because they are only focused on two of the three dos. Those women who reach their financial goals are fully committed to working through each part of the Triple-A Triangle. They aspire, acquire, and apply.

Triple-A Triangle




This is the dream, the vision, the want. It is more than, “I want a million dollars.” It is what you will ultimately have when you reach your financial goal. The dream may be, “I will have the freedom to sail around the world.” “I will have the time to spend with my granddaughter.” “I will open my gourmet food shop.” “I will contribute my time to Habitat for Humanity.” Although the goal is financial, the dream is much more than money.

The do of ASPIRE is that you must:

  • Choose your dream or your want.
  • Have a clear vision of what the dream looks like in your mind.
  • Refer to this visual regularly, ideally every day.


This is the education part of do. Acquiring knowledge includes reading books, attending seminars and classes, doing online research, talking with experts, and working with coaches and mentors. You are gathering the information you need in order to take action. Which leads us to step number 3.

The Do of APPLY

This is the put-what-you’ve-learned-into-action stage. Applying the knowledge is where you make the offer to purchase, put your money on the table, take on your first client, buy the stock shares or gold, make the sales call, or ask for investment dollars. The technical phrase for applying knowledge is “putting your butt on the line.” Without the APPLY step, nothing happens.

True knowledge comes from putting what you’ve learned into real-world practice.

You have to Do all three

It takes all three parts of the Triple-A Triangle to achieve your goals and dreams.

Confucius said it best:
“To know and not do, is to not yet know.”

Many women accomplish the ASPIRE step and move into the ACQUIRE step and get stuck there. They attend all the seminars, read all the books, and are constantly researching online. The problem is they never move into the APPLY stage. Why? My guess is fear—fear of making a mistake, of losing money, of looking stupid, of people saying, “I told you so!”

It is only by applying the knowledge after you acquire it that those fears will dissipate. All three steps are necessary to achieve your financial dreams. It is primarily the apply stage that stops so many women.

My purpose is to offer clarity to define what you ASPIRE to, to offer information for you to ACQUIRE, and then, most importantly, to use real-life stories and encouragement as the catalyst for you to APPLY the knowledge in your life to have what you want.

These three stages are constantly in motion. You don’t move from one to the second and then to the third and then you’re done. You aspire, you acquire, and you apply. Then you acquire more and apply more, and acquire more and apply more, all the while holding onto your vision of what you aspire to. It’s an ongoing dynamic cycle.

And while you have your big goal or aspiration, you also have many smaller goals leading up to your main dream. Each one of these goals has its own Triple-A Triangle. And each is dynamic and in a constant state of flow.

As you move towards achieving your financial dreams, pay attention every now and then to how much of your doing is spent in each part of the Triple-A Triangle. Only when you find the right balance will you start to move through every stage—aspiring, acquiring, and applying—and begin to find financial success and freedom.




Original publish date: June 12, 2013