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This week the Rich Dad team asked one of our partners to share one of his strategies for helping people and marketing his business. As you read this blog you may notice that we do a very similar strategy. In fact, we’d love it if you tried out our quiz right now, so this marketing strategy will make more sense.

Here is our partner Chris O:

So as an email marketer, I’m always looking for ways to grow my list.

The tried-and-true formula is to offer something free like eBooks, webinars, etc…

All that stuff works great. It’s a great trade. You give them something of value and in return they give you their email address.

But for a long time, I’ve been wanting to experiment with a new type of lead generation method that has the potential to make your email list really explode. I’m talking about quizzes.

Now, people might have mixed opinions about lead gen quizzes.

But here’s what I do know… If you had to read a 250-page book on a technical topic related to your job or business… OR… take a quiz that revealed what type of Sangria you are… I think you’d take that quiz ten times out of ten. The quiz is more fun. It doesn’t require you to think really hard. And when you find a quiz that piques your curiosity… it’s really hard to ignore.

On top of that, there’s another reason why these things work so well, we always want to learn more about ourselves. Billion-dollar companies like 23 & Me and Ancestry have been built off people’s desires to learn more about themselves.

Quizzes work well.

They’re short.

They’re fun.

And people like to share them with other people who are usually just like them. Which is great for you – as a marketer or business owner – because our whole goal is to find as many people as possible who might be interested in buying our stuff.

Creating a quiz might take a little bit of testing and tweaking and optimizing as you go. But if you create a quiz that’s hot, you can literally add thousands of new subscribers to your list in a very short amount of time.

To make it even easier, there are a ton of software programs that are easy to use and can build your quiz in minutes.

So let me show you how this thing works and how I created my first lead gen quiz to grow my email list.

How I Chose My Quiz Topic

This part was actually a little hard for me. Mainly, because I had soooo many ideas. There are so many ways you can take your quiz. There are personality quizzes, assessments and even scorecard quizzes that test people’s knowledge. At Rich Dad the quiz helps you find the best teacher for your personal needs. Take Quiz Now

But for this first quiz… I wanted to make something really fun and something that would make ME curious if I ever saw it out in the wild.

So, I settled on…

What Character from Mad Men Are you?

Here’s why I chose this topic:

  1. Mad Men is my favorite show of all time. I’ve watched it 5x through. And I plan on starting Round 6 soon.

  2. I think people who like Mad Men tend to either work in advertising/marketing… or have an affinity toward those that industry.

  3. I knew not everyone is going to become a lead. But the people who DO like Mad Men and who have their own business would probably REALLY end up liking me… because we obviously have very similar interests. That might be a small number of people who take the quiz… but those few people might end up becoming fans (and buyers) for life.

  4. I was kind of curious myself which character I’m most like. So I knew if I wanted to know, there’s probably other people who might want to know as well.

There wasn’t really any particular problem I was trying to solve with this quiz. I really just wanted to get people curious. Again, I knew that if people liked Mad Men and they took the quiz… they might want to learn more about me because we have at least one shared interest.

You can choose to do an assessment, a scored quiz or a personality quiz.

I chose personality… as I really wanted people to see which character from Mad Men they were and that seemed to make the most sense.

The Super-Important Cover Page

When you’re making your cover page, my advice is to keep it simple.

Obviously, make it intriguing. But don’t clutter this up.

Good headline. Interesting picture. And a strong CTA that tells them exactly what they should do now.

Here’s mine:

Fail Harder image

The thing I like about this picture is that it focuses on a lot of different characters. So I really think that ratcheted up the curiosity.

When you want to let people know about your quiz, you can send people a direct link, embed it on a website… or even use it in a Facebook ad.

Choosing Your Questions

So, now we’re onto the fun part: choosing your questions.

I knew I wanted to stay between 5-8 questions for this first one. I wanted it to be simple and quick.

Here’s an example of one of the questions I used:


There’s nothing “marketing” related to any of this, as you can see.

It’s strictly focused on matching the person taking the quiz with the character they identify most with. I wanted to use simple, multiple-choice questions that people could click through quickly.

Revealing Their Results

After people went through all six questions, they got an option to either join my email list, or to see their results.


Now, you’ll notice a few things about this step in the process.

First, I wanted to offer my free, brand new book Make It Rain: The Secret to Generating Massive Paydays From Your Email List to people who made it through the quiz.

I figured ONLY people who had email lists would join my list. After all… those were the only people I wanted, anyway. If they don’t have a list, they won’t be much use to me. Remember, I was trying to attract people who are marketers.

Here’s an example of one of the possible results:


I’ll probably go in and add more meat to this section at some point.

But for now, I just wanted to give people their answer.

At the bottom, you’ll see they can share the quiz… which some people will do. And that’s basically free advertising and free lead gen for you.

At this point in the process, being that I’m testing all this out… I wanted to see if I can get some share traffic. But in the future, I will go back and add in a specific Call To Action (CTA) for my [insert product here] or my [insert product here].

The next step is to connect anyone who gave me their email address to my exiting list of emails. Now I can send them more free recourses or let them know when I have a product to sell. The last product I emailed was [insert product] and it made a killing. Not only did it sell great but people said it really helped their business.

Where To Place Your Quiz

For now, I’m going to link my quiz in some articles as a fun way to continue to the conversation. As I test and optimize, I’ll probably build a permanent button somewhere on my site for it. And as I come up with new ideas, I’ll probably test out some Facebook ads to cold traffic.

Final Thoughts

I think people are going to like the quiz. Obviously, I’m kind of biased.

But as I put more people through this, I’ll find ways to tweak and optimize the process.

The challenging part about this whole process is figuring out your big idea. And I realize I’ll probably have to test out a few of them before I get to a definitive winner. But it’ll be worth it when I find that one quiz that ends up bringing me a few thousand new subscribers to my email list.

Original publish date: June 30, 2022

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