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The Importance of Mentorship

You Can Never Have Too Many Mentors

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Have you ever had an experience that made you say, “I wish someone would have told me that sooner”? I can’t tell you how many times I have said, “If only I had someone that warned me about the consequences” or “If someone would have given me advice, I would have done things differently.”

We would all love to have a life mentor to steer us straight, however, in business having a mentor is critical. There are so many executives that say mentorship was such an important part in their career development.

A good mentor helps inspire you, push you, drive you, and helps you connect to others. They help you open your mind and help prepare you for everything that’s out there.

Mentors that invest in you help you learn and further in your career.

I personally have to give credit to the mentors and coaches that I have had (and still have) in my life.

The Kiyosaki’s were probably the first real mentors that Josh and I had. We were given Rich Dad Poor Dad one day and it opened our eyes to the business world. The Kiyosaki’s continue to be strong mentors to Josh and me even today. We are grateful every day to continue to learn and grow from their guidance.

Chris Spencer is another mentor that comes to mind. He was the founder of the treatment center that Josh had gone to for rehab. He saw something in Josh and started planting the idea in his head that he could do something great and possibly even open his own facility one day. Josh decided to take Chris up on his mentorship offer and that started the 16-year relationship we have with him. We still call him up and pick his brain about the industry and the trends. We never worry about sharing information with each other because in the industry that we are in, addiction is the competition, not other facilities.

Another mentor of ours is one of the best sales and leadership trainers, Blair Singer. Years ago, I was at one of Blair’s leadership trainings and had a huge roadblock that I could not find my way around. But somehow, Blair was able to help me realize what was holding me back. It wasn’t easy. I was vulnerable and had a room full of strangers watching me go through process with Blair, but the work it took and the clarity it brought me was well worth it.

All the mentors that Josh and I have had throughout the years have helped us become better leaders and business owners. We have learned so much about ourselves; our strengths and weaknesses, and our areas of improvement. We have learned how to reflect on all the decisions that we make that affect our business. It has made us happier and better people as well.

So, I highly encourage you, if you don’t already, to get a mentor and learn as much as you can from them. And then pay it forward. You might be the difference that makes someone else’s journey more successful.

Original publish date: April 01, 2019

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