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Is Your Mission More than Financial Freedom?

Problem solving is the key to business success

When I travel, I’m often asked why there are so many women in small business but few running large companies throughout the world (even though studies show companies with women on their corporate boards perform better than those without). I think it’s because many women just go into business to make money or earn a few extra dollars each month to survive. They may be scared or just have not thought about business growth and what they really want to accomplish. But that’s not the way to success or financial freedom.

It’s about more than money. It’s about solving problems.

Look at Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and others. Many successful business people were underdogs who used their creativity and passion to find much-needed solutions to major problems. With this in mind, think about something that really ticks you off.

How can you solve that problem?

Often times, the problem is right in front of you, and you don’t see it. I know in the past when Robert and I traveled the world, I would be surrounded by women after our presentations. They asked the same questions, about the same issues and problems, over and over again.

Then, it dawned on me that there was a strong need for an entirely new business helping women learn about finances and handling financial crisis. That’s how Rich Woman was born. Sometimes a great business idea is right in front of your eyes and you don’t even see it because you’re so close to what you are doing.

Be a Problem Solver for Life.

There are many women who start businesses with big aspirations, but everything just fizzles out. That’s because when you grow your business, you just have bigger and bigger problems. You’ve got to know how to handle that pressure and adversity if you’re going to move forward. And as you move forward, you need to continue to solve problems.

This means your purpose or mission for your business needs to be about more than making money. I know people are always asking Robert and me why we don’t retire. We spend hours traveling, giving presentations, doing The Rich Dad Radio Show, writing content, conducting media interviews, studying, running our businesses, and more. We often start very early in the morning and are up late into the evening. It’s a lot of work, and no one could pay us enough money to do what we do!

So why do we do it?

It’s not about the money. It’s a part of us, and we’re engrained in our mission. But we are very happy. We solve problems, and in the process, we are financially-free and live life on our terms. So if you are thinking about starting a business, or are having trouble growing one, revisit your mission.

What problem are you going to solve today?

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Original publish date: September 06, 2012