The Key To Unlock Your Confidence by Blair Singer

The Key To Unlock Your Confidence

Repeat after me: I can—and will—do it. Learn the key to unlock your confidence starting today.

Last month, I explained why the statement, “But my situation is different!” is an excuse people tell themselves and others to rationalize not taking action.

Remember, the universe favors action.

But for many people, it’s not guts they lack to take action. The same people that will jump at the opportunity to sing a round of karaoke in front of a bar full of complete strangers will fold their arms and look down at the desk when given the chance to offer a solution at the office.

What’s the difference? In a word, confidence.

We all encountered resistance at some point when we were younger. Whether we were learning to ride a bicycle, swimming from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end, or playing a little melody on the guitar we all confronted resistance. No matter how easy others made it look, we struggled at some level.

Eventually, however, we figured it out, but only through repetition.

Repetition is the key to building confidence. Only by getting back on the bicycle did we learn to balance ourselves.

Our lack of confidence is rooted in fear of the unknown. And how do we face fear? We stand in front of the firing line—a lot!

The less experience you have swimming, the more experience you need to spend learning to stay afloat.

“But won’t I fail?”, I hear you asking. I hope so!

Robert is the first person to admit that the reason he is successful is because he failed.

There’s a saying in sales that every “no” gets you closer to a “yes.”

Though it’s meant to give a sense of encouragement to sales professionals who aren’t closing very many prospects, it can apply to virtually anyone in any situation. Everything from dating to job hunting to raising capital requires persistence. And the only “trick” to getting more yeses than nos is, you guessed it, repetition.

Only with repetition will you begin to silence your little voice.

The number one job in life

The number one attribute of every top performer I’ve come across is confidence.

When you’re convinced that you know what you’re talking about, your tone, that confidence, gets communicated to whomever you’re communicating with. The beauty of that is, in turn, it instills confidence in them.

We have all experienced speaking with someone who said all the right things, but after awhile you’re thinking to yourself, “Something isn’t right. It doesn’t feel to me like this person knows what they are talking about.” You may have felt that way because you were noticing their lack of confidence in themselves.

The Sydney Trucker

I met a gentleman at one of my programs many years ago. He was a truck driver in Sydney, Australia. He came to our program because he knew he could be doing more with his life. After the workshop, he promptly raised $30 million for his real estate development. He is now a multimillionaire who is fully accustomed to thinking big, the way his spirit is supposed to think.

What happened at the workshop that made all the difference? He was able to get a glimpse of who he could really be. With that small glimpse, his confidence soared, his resistance began to run and his little voice began to whisper softer and softer until it was silenced.

That glimpse he saw inside himself was his own self-value. Like we discussed in the previous post, when you see your own self-worth the way others do, you open yourself up to a much bigger game.

Finally find your self-worth and grab a copy of my book, Little Voice Mastery.

Original publish date: August 21, 2019