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“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” 
        --Jack Kornfield

Everyone knows the world is in financial turmoil right now. Most people are frightened by these new "waves" and are hiding on the shore until things calm down. The problem with this strategy is that the shore is not as safe as people think - you can still get washed away. 

This is why at Rich Woman we focus on teaching women how to surf, financially speaking. With some good financial education, any woman can take advantage of the opportunities presented by these unique economic times.

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The fundamentals of investing remain the same, no matter the state of the economy. In fact, it is especially during tough times that investors who don't follow the fundamentals get wiped out, creating opportunities for those who do live by the fundamentals to not only survive, but thrive. GE, Disney, HP, and Microsoft were all started during recessions. More millionaires were created during the Great Depression than in any other period in the past century. 

So if you've been planning to hold off on investing "until the economy is better," you may want to re-think that position. Find an area that you are interested in, and start educating yourself. There is a wealth of free information just on the internet and in libraries. 

Feeling intimidated? Just think of it the way you would shopping for a product you've never bought before - you'll find out what's out there, do some window-shopping, talk to others who've bought this sort of thing before, until you have a good understanding of what a good deal is, then make your first purchase when you find a good opportunity. If you learn the fundamentals and how to recognize a good deal, you will be able to surf the waves in any economic climate.

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Original publish date: October 08, 2009

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