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Learning from Mistakes

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In school we are taught that making mistakes are bad. Whether it’s from the teacher, adults or other kids who laugh when another makes a mistake, many kids grow up to believe this is a bad thing and tend not to learn from them.

Having the awareness to learn from our mistakes is one of the biggest keys to succeeding. I make mistakes all the time and yes, sometimes they suck, but I know that I can learn a lot not only to improve my business but also my health, wealth and happiness.

Some great questions to ask yourself when you make a mistake are: 

  1. What did I do or what happened to make the mistake?
  2. What did I learn from it?
    - Is it a belief or something I get to clear?
  3. What could I do differently next time?
    - What are other options, solutions, etc?
  4. What did I do well?

I like to add the question of, “What did I do well?” because there is always something that was done well and should be acknowledged. This makes the mistake a lot easier to correct and move forward on.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they provide the best learning and growth opportunities. And being able to learn from them increases your Emotional IQ so when the next mistake is made, you can glide through it with ease and grace, or at least the emotional upset doesn’t get in the way of the psyche.

Original publish date: November 07, 2012

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