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Manuka Honey USA Makes a Smart Move

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Does your business excel at customer service?

I love a good surprise. And I love it when I see a business make a smart move, especially when it comes to customer service. The other day I received an unexpected “gift” in the mail. It came in the form of good news from a company that I had just purchased some products from for the first time online.

We’re often so quick to complain to all our friends about a bad business experience we’ve had. In a study of customer service in the U.S., for example, only 10% rated customer service in the retail industry as exceptional. That is why I wanted to devote this blog to acknowledging a retail company that totally “gets” customer service.

The company is Manuka Honey USA. Manuka Honey is only found in New Zealand and is known to be a very healthy and healing type of honey. I actually visited a Manuka honey maker when I was in New Zealand last year. My friend, Barbara, turned me onto Manuka Honey’s honey, nut and fruit energy bars. Since it’s not unusual for me to skip a meal, I look for healthy energy bars to eat on the run.

I found Manuka Honey USA online and ordered their energy bars along with a couple of other products. My order arrived right on time. When I pulled the invoice out of the box I noticed that it had been marked up and there was a handwritten note at the bottom. The note read:

“When ordering a larger amount of lightweight items our shipping rates are too high, hence the shipping credit.
Thank you!

The company credited me back $16.53 in shipping fees. I never asked for the credit. I never expected a credit. The company certainly didn’t have to give me a credit. I had already agreed to the shipping charges.

Was I impressed? Absolutely.

Did this company win over a new customer? Yes they did.

Does Manuka Honey USA understand customer service? Totally.

It even goes beyond customer service. That small gesture speaks volumes about this company and the people running it. It tells me they have high, ethical standards. It tells me that the people in this company are honest, they pay attention to the details and they do not take their customers for granted. Most importantly, it tells me that I like this company and I want to continue to support a business with such great values.

In your business, your profession or your job what small gestures can you offer customers that will stop them in their tracks and say, “This is a company I want to do business with!”?

By the way, too often when I have a positive experience like this, I don’t take the time to acknowledge those who were behind it. That is why I’m sending this letter to the head of the company to acknowledge the work they are doing.

How can you improve customer service at your business? Please provide your insights below.

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Original publish date: April 19, 2012

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