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No One Wants Money

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Outrageous, you say? Stop and think about it for a minute - is it really the money itself you want - that thin strip of paper with ink on it?

If you were stranded in a hot desert with no water, and you had a choice between a bottle of water or a thick wad of hundred dollar bills, I'm guessing you wouldn't choose the money.

Money is a medium of exchange. It is worth as much (or as little) as the people doing the exchanging agrees it has.

Money can't keep you warm, or make you happy, or insure your security, to name a few things. It can be used to buy things that can achieve those results, but money itself is only as valuable as what it can buy.

In my experience, people often place too much faith in money. "If only I had more money, my life would be better," they say. If you've found yourself thinking this, then I challenge you to ask yourself: What is it I really want? What would I buy with the money? Then, start thinking of ways to get what you want without money as the intermediary.

Ironically, when you make this kind of thinking a habit, when you no longer view money as something you need, and view it instead as a facilitator, you'll probably find that money comes to you much more easily.

So go ahead, try it. Get creative. Pursue a rich life that uses money, but doesn't require it. I think you'll be richly rewarded if you do, one way or another.

Original publish date: April 19, 2011

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