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Overcome Your Fears

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Do you want to overcome the fears that will hold you back from achieving the success you really want?

If so, then this list of three fears to face will be the most important message you will ever read.

You can overcome some of the most common fears that almost everyone experiences at some point. First, you have to recognize what scares you and why you feel that way. Often, we overthink the perceived dangers in our world and make them feel larger and more terrifying than they actually are.

Take a deep breath.

Many of our deepest seated fears are based on unrealistic expectations and old habits. By thinking about them rationally, we can identify what is real and what is just arising from an on-going script in your head.

If you take a look at fear of risk, failure and lack of perfection, you can see why certain emotions arise and confront them so they no longer hold you back.

Let's get to it!


    For some reason, our minds lead us to think that the familiar is usually the best way to live. It is crazy, isn't it?

    Even if we are not happy with our situation, our natural tendency is to prefer the way things are over what we can make it. We stick with unhealthy habits or toxic relationships because it seems easier than “rocking the boat.”

    We do not like being uncomfortable. Some people call it being pushed outside our "comfort zone."

    Here is the way I look at it: In today's world, we have the tools, resources, and education right at our fingertips to accomplish anything.

    With the way Wall Street is looking, it seems to be a bigger risk to live according to their rules. The old ways of planning for retirement just are not working anymore.

    When you look at it, that retirement security that so many people search for is not so secure after all!

    Do not let your fear of risk hold you back. Because you are probably not really risking that much to try and achieve your goals and dreams.

    Try and remember that those risks are mostly your natural reaction to change.

    Put them in perspective and you will be able to master those feelings once and for all!


    Let's get this out of the way right now. Failure in investing does NOT mean you are a failure as a person.

    So what if you fail with an investment?!

    It is not the end of the world. In fact, you should use failure as a learning opportunity.

    Take the time to assess:

    • What mistakes were made, and how can you prevent them next time?
    • How can you change the course of the investment to make it a success?

    Everyone knows about Michael Jordan's success. Here is what he says about his failures:

    "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

    Listen, the cost of beginning as an investor is so low, you can get in and try it without risking your life savings.

    Besides, you are not on your own. You do not have to reinvent the wheel yourself.

    Just follow someone who has been successful and copy their systems. That's what the 4 Pillars of Investing is all about. I give you an important foundation because I know it has worked for me and others.

    Finally, never forget that failure is not permanent.

    Just pick yourself up and start again!


    If you are the type of person who thinks that something must be perfect before you actually take action -- which means that you NEVER push yourself to actually make an investment -- you're not alone.

    Trust me. I suffered from that same dilemma.

    At some point, you just need to get over your potential embarrassment and say: "To heck with everyone, I'm doing this!"

    Your job is not to be perfect. No one expects you to be perfect.

    We tend to judge ourselves more harshly than we should. Most of us don’t look at people around us and expect every one of them to be perfect. Therefore, it is unrealistic to think that we would be flawless.

    You just need to learn as much as you can. Make smart investing decisions based on your education then learn from your mistakes.

    Here's the BOTTOM LINE: There are a million things to be afraid of.

    But you possess something more powerful than all those fears -- your desire to succeed!

    Continually remind yourself that those fears you have inside are totally artificial.

    Take the leap toward your goals and you will begin to leave those fears in the dust!

Original publish date: July 22, 2020

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