Economic Virus

Release date: August 31, 2020
Duration: 62min
Guest(s): Bert Dohmen
Bert Dohmen rich dad radio show

Money flow is the only thing that can change the price of a stock—supply, and demand. Today’s guest advises if you are invested only in a 401(k) to “Run for the hills. You don’t want to be fully invested in the stock market.”

Why does he say this?

As you are aware, the world’s economic system was on the brink of total collapse in March 2020. The Fed, over the last nine weeks, has had to inject more money than ever before to save the system from total collapse.

But is all this supply an indication that an economic depression is coming?

Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Bert Dohmen discuss his opinion about an impending depression, what is causing major changes in the stock market, and what is happening with the money supply.

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