Sales Equals Income

Release date: March 29, 2023
Duration: 42min
Guest(s): Blair Singer
Blair Singer

In this time of deception and betrayal; of rising unemployment, the key is to learn the number one skill in life: sales.

“Selling is not about deception. It’s about telling the hardcore truth,” says Host Robert Kiyosaki. “Find the need and magnify it. Sell them what will work for them.”

Kiyosaki’s guest, longtime friend and business colleague, Blair Singer, is one of the leading sales trainers. He advises such big organizations as Singapore Airlines, IBM, L’Oreal hair brands all over the world.

Singer is highly skilled at putting tens of thousands of entrepreneurs through their paces. “We give them some tools and put them through some exercises. Some people make more money in ten mins than they have in ten months,” Singer says.

The best-selling author of “Sales Dogs: You Don’t Have To Be An Attack Dog to Explode Your Income,” Singer breaks the salesman personality into five dog breeds: The Pitbull—the aggressive, never take no for an answer type; the Poodle—the charming schmoozer; the Chihuahua—the data freak. The types who talk in bits and bites a million miles an hour; and finally, the Big Dog— which is any one of the 5 breeds...just bigger. They like to brag and tell a big story.

Singer will be one of the presenters at the Rich Entrepreneur. Poor Entrepreneur event this April 6, 7, 8 in Scottsdale, Arizona. “Just because you’re making money doesn’t mean you’re rich,” says Kiyosaki. “You have to convert your money into an asset that provides income for the rest of your life.” Sales equals income.

“The toughest sale was me selling me to me!” says SInger. “Salesmanship begins when you hear the word, NO. You learn how to become a human being. You learn how to deal with what the world is throwing at you. Data and information is not sales. Sales is about finding out what people want and then helping them get it. Then, it’s about conversion, when the money transfers to you. The selling cycle is when it clears your bank.